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Help! Which Allies for Squat Guard?

Having played Andy and his Nidzilla Hive Fleet on Thursday (full match report to follow), I'm starting to understand better how my Squat Guard army works. Our game on Thursday was my first at 1,750pts - previously I had played at 1,000pts, mostly against Daryl's Daemons army. At the larger points value I was able to bulk up my infantry squad up to thirty men, include a couple of heavy weapons teams and, most critically, use my two counts-as Vendettas for the first time. The big guns on my Ordnance Battery, Manticore and Vendettas worked fantastically in whittling down Andy's horde of Termagants, but I found myself short in two main areas: 

1. Midfield infantry
2. Mid-strength anti-MC shooting


The first issue is of no surprise at all - Guard are only toughness 3 with a 5+ save after all, so I ought jot to expect too much from them. Of course there is strength in numbers defensively, and a big blob squad can pump out a prodigious amount of strength 3 firing, but if you need to advance on a mid-table objective and fight for it, then Guardsmen of any type just aren't up to the job. 

So what is the solution? I've been considering allies of some sort - possibly a unit of Blood Angels assault marines or even Death Company - backed up by a rock-hard elite of Terminators or something equally unshiftable. 


The second issue I've found is that whilst my ordnance works fantastically against infantry, I struggle against monstrous creatures. Nearly all of my sixth edition games have been against Daemons or Tyranids, and I have found that I cannot reliably deal with high-wound Daemon Princes, Trygons, Tervigons and the like. I realise that it is just weight of numbers that deal with these, so I am considering increasing the number if heavy weapons squads I have - Autocannon are my preferred choice - which work very efficiently when combined with Bring It Down' from a nearby officer. 

Alternatively, I'm thinking a Leman Russ Punisher might be an option. It pumps out twenty S. 5 shots per turn, plus an extra six if you add on Heavy Bolter sponsons on the sides. The downside is that it is a lot of eggs in a single basket, and there's plenty of things in 40k nowadays that eat AV14 for breakfast - and that's before you consider the lighter side and rear armour facings. 


So my quandary is two-fold: firstly, what do I do about my midfield superiority infantry requirements, and secondly how best can I deal with high-wound models like monstrous creatures and deathstar units like Nob Bikers and Grey Knight Terminators? 

It's over to you! Any constructive help you can offer will be gratefully received. 


  1. Are you after taking a midfield objective, or denying it to the enemy? As Death Company are non-scoring so would only be useful in the latter role.

    As for the monstrous creature, my thoughts too went to the punisher cannon - give him enough wounds and he'll fail an armour save sooner or later. But the leman russ was not my chassis of choice - I much prefer the vulture. Not as well armoured, but being a flyer offers it's own protection. The vector dancer rule gives you the manouverability to shoot most things you want to on a tabletop. The vulture punisher is twin-linked and when firing at ground targets benefits from +1 BS and pinning. it'll put a wound or two per turn on T6 creatures, and will absolutely mow through light infantry.

    From a fluff standpoint it fits in neatly with your vendettas, and I have found two vendettas and a vulture to be more than adequate aerial support.

  2. Allies would be an easy option, a unit or 2 of any space marines would give you an hard hitting relativly tuff unit to hold that middle ground in most games (unless you go to a tournie that doesn't allow for allies). Punishers are my fav tank from any army at the moment, all the better that you can take 3 in a squad for extra punishment( excuse the pun) you can really go wrong apart from that they are expensive in terms of points costs.

    What about a unit of sm bikers, tuff, fast, a good rapid response unit can take some heavy guns to deal with big nasty.


  3. Hi guys, thanks for the ideas!

    Ian - your suggestion of the Vulture is perfect. I looked it up in the downloadable IA1 rules update and I like it a lot. The only thing it doesn't say is whether it is Fast Attack or Heavy - I wonder if you know?

    And the Vulture gives me the excuse to build another scratchbuilt airship - this time I'm thinking about a sleek twin-hulled airship with weapons mounted on stubby wings.

    And Keith, either Bikers or regular Marines could work too. Bikers got a boost in 6th I think so could be gun and effective.

    Thanks for the ideas - keep 'em coming!

  4.  If I remember rightly IA1 had slightly different stats for the vulture (They certainly did for the Valkyrie) and the things have only got better with time.

    The most up to date rules, from Imperial Armour Aeronautica, has them at 105 points base for a 12/12/10 armour flyer with 3 hull points. Also has the Vector Dancer and Strafing Run special rule. I tend to take the twin linked punisher cannon which is a whopping 50 points but I've found it to be fantastic. I've never been a fan of one shot missiles and if I want rocket pods/lascannons I can turn to valks and vendettas. The punisher cannon is something different, and looks cool!

    It is a Fast Attack choice for an Imperial Guard army. There are some minor wargear options but to be honest the flyer rules with jink saves etc are probably sufficient, unless you happen to play someone who relies solely on missile launchers (long fang spam perhaps) in which case the flares may be useful if you can use them more than once. I'll have to check that, but won't be able to do so till Monday as the copy I have access to is a gaming club communal copy and it is stored elsewhere.

    Glad to be of help and look forward to seeing the conversion develop.

  5. If it's Fast Attack then it's a definite! The stat-line and options look the same as Forgeworld's latest update for IA1, so I think a scratchbuilt counts-as Vulture will be my next project.

    I'm hoping to get the two Overlord Airships (counting as Vendettas) and two Termite Transports (counting as Chimeras) finished this weekend, so I'll post up pics on the blog of these over the weekend (wedding planning and 6-month old baby care allowing!).


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