Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A different view of the new Space Wolf Codex

A couple of days have past now since I got the new codex so I thought I would share my thoughts on what I have read. I'm not going to do a full review of the codex, there are plenty out there like that I thought instead I would remind you what the list I was most commonly playing was at the end of fifth and compare the two.

This is the list I took to my last major tournament which was 2012's Caledonian open (was it really that long ago?)

HQ1: Rune priest: living lightning, Murderous Hurricane, chooser of the slain, wolf tail talisman [115]
HQ1: Rune priest: living lightning, jaws of the world wolf, chooser of the slain [110]

Elite 1: Wolf Guard Pack: 3 Wolf Guard, 3 Power Fists, 3 Combi Meltas [129]+ TRANSPORT1
Elite 2: Dreadnought, 2 Twin linked Autocannons [125]

TROOP 1: Grey Hunters Pack: 7 grey hunters: meltagun, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard [135] + TRANSPORT 2
TROOP 2: Grey Hunters Pack: 7 grey hunters: meltagun, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard [135] + TRANSPORT 3
TROOP 3: Grey Hunters Pack: 7 grey hunters: meltagun, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard [135] + TRANSPORT 4
TROOP 4: Grey Hunters Pack: 6 grey hunters: flamer, mark of the wulfen [105] + TRANSPORT 5

FAST 1: Landspeeder Sqn: 1 Landspeeder: Multimelta, heavy flamer [70]
FAST 2: Landspeeder Sqn: 1 Landspeeder: Multimelta, heavy flamer [70]

HEAVY 1: Long Fangs Pack: 5 long fangs+1 Squad Leader, 4 missile launchers, 1 lascannon [155]
HEAVY 1: Long Fangs Pack: 5 long fangs+1 Squad Leader, 4 missile launchers, 1 lascannon [155]
HEAVY 1: Long Fangs Pack: 5 long fangs+1 Squad Leader, 4 missile launchers, 1 lascannon [155]

TRANSPORT 1: Razorback: lascannon + twin linked plasmaguns [75] [Elite 1]
TRANSPORT 2: Rhino [35] [Troop 1]
TRANSPORT 3: Rhino [35] [Troop 2]
TRANSPORT 4: Rhino [35] [Troop 3]
TRANSPORT 5: Razorback: lascannon + twin linked plasmaguns [75] [Troops 4]

So obviously the place to start is the HQ's.

As I said on my (triumphant) return to blogging I only managed a couple of games of 40K in Sixth and I'm yet to experience Seventh but at the minute Rune Priests would still be my go to HQ choice. From reading the rule book Psykers seem more important than ever and can you really risk going into the game without them?
Obviously you no longer get to pick your psychic powers. Without playing it seems like all the powers I took have been seriously downgraded, on average you get the same number of shots with LL but it used to have unlimited rage. MH has got less shots but it is rending now JOTWW now only effects a single model rather than a line and monstrous creatures can't be targeted (not sure what the point of it is then) there's also no chooser's any more unfortunately for that +1 to ballistic skill. So slightly cheaper but surely you need the add ons of psychic hoods and psyker level two.

What's everyone else's opinion on the Rune priest now?

Look out for the next post covering Elites and Troops.


  1. The psychic phase is a bit "go large" if you have an army that can have loads of dice (eg. Grey Knights, Daemons) or just take one (or none). I'd stay with a single rune priest and consider using the rulebook powers.

    Alternatively a thunderwolf lord is good, but if you haven't got the models to run either a thundercav or fenrusian wolf unit, a rune priest is a nice cheap HQ.


  2. Honestly I think the new codex is just OK. The codex in 5th edition made sense and everything complemented each other. In Seventh if you really go through the codex you notice that they gave the Wolves a lot of new rules that just don't make sense. I'll go over them in short: Harald Deathwolf's cloak makes him fireproof which is very situational. Alot of Outflank also which is situational as well. I mean in the Wolves Unleashed Det. on a 4+ you get to Outflank with that Unit. It dosent mean that your going to roll a 4+. So I would never build my army around this rule "ever". Now our HQ choices get some pretty good abilitys, but most of it is only in challenges (Saga of the Warrior Born). Space Wolves Psychic powers suck. I cant beleive JOTWW is 3 warp charges. And we get no Telepethy "BS!". Blood Claws are cheaper but they are only good in a assault vehicle or holding an objective. They dont put out a lot of shots, there range sucks and there BS is still 3. OK unit if you get them in the assault. Grey Hunters are a good unit but not as good as they used to be. After your done loading them out your just over 200+ depending. They can get pretty expensive. And is the standard worth it now? Combi-weapons are now on par with SM codex and almost not worth taking for a suicide squad. Terminators went down in points and have some great formations but still to expensive for just one wound T4. StormWolf is cheap and awesome, StormFang is expensive and non assaulting. Hellfrost in the 12 games I have played has never been a factor and is uterly stupid. The Hellfrost bolter is even worse. SkyClaws are Great I think! 2 special weapons per 5man squad with a WGPL. Logan Grimnar is still to expensive and gets glanced to death in turn one every time. i wish they would of given him Outflank that way you could bring him in with Harald D. and a pack of Ass Kickers. Scouts lost BEL and now they suck. Murderfang is Awesomely powerfull but gets killed like a regular Dread. Warlord Traits are all situational and not that good. Healing balms 6+ FNP sucks. I know, at least its something. It just feels like a slap in the face though from GW. Relics are all good except for the bite of Fenris "That sucks" its a wast of 15 pts. Take a plasma pistol instead. All in all the codex is just non complementary. Its better to take an army of axe weilding Dreads or Thunderwolves than to mix it up and try building a well balanced Army. Thanks JarlJoe

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