Thursday, 13 November 2014

Joining the Heresy

I have recently started work on my next army, which will be a Heresy era Death Guard army for 30k. I have been a big fan of the Heresy fluff for years now, having first read the stories in the side-bars of the old first- and second-edition rulebooks and compendiums back in the early nineties when I were a lad!
My original plan was to build an uber-assault World Eaters army, but I find white so painstaking to paint that I quickly went off that idea! My second idea was Death Guard. I have always loved the Nurgle fluff, and so they were a perfect match for me. Whilst I still want to build an all-out assault army at some point (I will eventually build an all-Khorne Berzerker army for 40k), I also like the idea of putting one hundred foot-plodding infantry on the table, implacably marching forward to destroy the enemy at mid-range in a hail of plasma and missiles.
As for models, I picked up a massive load of old Space Crusade marines for a very low price on eBay. I love these old marines with their one-piece static pose, which I think suits the steadfastnature of the Death Guard very well indeed. To make the models look a bit more '30k', I swapped the backpacks for CSM backpacks, and I have drilled and glued tiny 1mm ball-bearings * into the left-hand shoulder pad of every single marine, which took a while but certainly makes the models look the part for the Heresy era.
* Actually, the 1mm ball-bearings are really 'nail caviar' which glamourous ladies use to look all posh, apparently. Ask yer missus!
Anyway, here is my first test-piece. The light-grey paintwork on the armour is a bit patchy and needs a second coat, but otherwise I'm very happy with the result. Now, to paint the other ninety-nine....

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