Thursday, 1 January 2015

Tyranids vs Space Wolves Campaign - Game 5


The alien breeding ground has been discovered! During the scouring of the Tyranid back lines, a macabre grotto of alien eggs has been uncovered. If this source of new Tyranid bio-forms can be neutralised, the invasion will be dealt a killer blow. The Imperial forces push all their resources into exterminating this foul nest of xenos beasts….


Place 6 large alien eggs in the middle 2’ x 4’ of the table. No other terrain is placed in this section.

The Tyranid player then places D3+2 pieces of terrain in the other two 2’ x 4’ sections.

Hammer & anvil deployment.




Primary Objective (10pts):

The Imperial player wins if he can destroy Four or more eggs.

The Tyranid player wins if he prevents this. 

Each egg is Toughness 8, has 4 wounds and a 2+ armour save.

Secondary Objective (7pts):

‘Modified’ Maelstrom Cards

Tertiary Objectives:

First Strike (1pt)
Slay the Warlord (1pt)
Line Breaker (1pt)

(NOTE: Tabling your opponent automatically gives the winner a 20-0 victory!).


If the Tyranid player wins, he may 'recycle' one Troops unit in the next game. In that game, if a unit of Troops (but not a Tervigon!) is completely destroyed, the Tyranid player may, if he chooses, choose to place an identical unit (including any wargear or other options) at the start of the next game, as though they had arrived from ongoing reserves. 

If the Space Wolves player wins, he may choose one Tyranid unit in the next game. The Space Wolf player can choose to force this unit to start in reserve. Further, this unit arrives on a reserves roll of a 4+, rather than the usual 3+ (modifiers can still be applied, as normal). 

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