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You must try and rescue your injured troops and damaged vehicles so that they can be patched up and returned to the fight.

Army Selection

Both players select an army of equal points value using the standard FOC.


Both players roll a D6 and whoever rolls highest selects either of the long board edges as theirs. The other player then has the opposite long board edge as theirs. The player that rolled highest can choose to deploy first or second. Both players must deploy within 12" of their board edge.


Any units placed in reserve are rolled for as per the rules on page 94 of the Warhammer 40,000 main rule book.

First Turn

The player that deployed first rolls a D6, on a roll of 2+, they go first. On a roll of a 1 the opposing player has stolen the initiative.

Game Length

This mission uses variable game length as described on page 90 of the Warhammer 40,000 main rule book.

Victory Conditions

At the end of the game you control an objective if there is at least one of your scoring units, and no enemy unit within 3" of it. Always measure this distance from the centre of the objective. The player who controls the most objectives wins

Special Rules

Medic! - The games starts with no objectives on the board. Instead, place an objective down at the places where the first five units are wiped out in the game. A vehicle would become an objective following a Wrecked or Destroyed result.

Early morning fog - The first turn uses the night fighting rules

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