Saturday, 12 June 2010

3 out of 1: Painboy

I was on baby-sittig duty last night while my wife went out for a pampering. So as the little chap was in a good mood and kicking away happily on his play-mat I broke out the Orks. I had a clear plan in mind to finish off my Nob Biker Squad, I already had 5 bikers built so I just needed to make a few minor tweaks to them to get them WYSIWYG then I set about building my Pain Boy.

I had the metal model so first I had to separate his legs from his torso ... not an easy job! I didn't want to loose any important detail from the top half of the model which included a cable going from his syringe to his back-pack vis his left butt cheek. I wanted to preserve the legs for my Big Mek conversion so it took a great deal of patience and a mixture of scalple and razor saw to perfectly separare the halves. In the end I got the result I wanted and I only needed to use a small amount of putty to tidy the joins on both the Pain Boy Biker and the Big Mek.

The Big Mek Model also uses a burner backpack and weapon, the pic below is still a WIP but I plan to add something similar to the ariels on the GW model to both the backpack and the end of the weapon. More pics as I progess with this.

Finally I had a the Buzz Saw arm of the Painboy left over s I wanted to give him a biker arm in it's place. With a little bit of trimming I think it makes a perfect alternative to a Powerclaw, what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Painboy? Feel No Pain is so broken :-p

    Seriously though, those are some nice looking conversions.



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