Friday, 6 March 2015

Scratch Built Storm Eagles

In order to prepare for an upcoming Horus Heresy campaign weekend, I need three Storm Eagles. As real life prohibits me from venturing anywhere near Forge World's crazy prices, I have instead built my own!
The models are made entirely from 5mm foamboard, and will be detailed with spare bitz (hatches, smoke launchers, etc) from several Chimera sprues I have left over from my Mech Squat Guard army.
Here they are:

The next steps are to detail the models with bitz, and then to get them painted. I will be undercoating them with Halfords' matt black primer, and then airbushing them green to suit the pre-Heresy Death Guard colours. I will then hand-paint on the ivory-white colour and details.
Here is what my Death Guard are looking like so far:


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