Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Expanding the Missions for WH40k

What is your Mission?

Been playing 40k for a while? Then you will certainly have played all the permutations of the standard missions... many, many times! You will know that if army/codex ‘X’ plays against opponent army/codex ‘Y’, then you will most likely get result ‘Z’. In fact, we all judge the perceived strengths of all the codices and rate them against each other – based on how they perform in a rather limited array of missions.
In the 6th edition book, five out of six missions feature some kind of objective(s) to be grabbed and held. Obviously missions of this ilk will suit any army which can either spam the board with multiple units (a la Tyranids with Tervigons) or an army which has a natural ability to withstand an onslaught of shots (ie power-armoured infantry, units with Feel No Pain or those with invulnerable saves).

What if the missions were more varied? Would that allow other codices, and more varied army builds from the more usual suspects, to have a better chance at competing in 40k?

 My aim is to produce an expanded set of missions and deployment set-ups to complement those already in existence. Ideally, this project would gain the support and acceptance by ‘the community’ and would become a resource that all can share and add to.

Later, I will be asking for contributions – both for missions and deployment set-up maps. I have about ten deployment maps sketched up, and rough ideas for around ten missions (these are in addition to the 6th edition ‘book’ missions and set-ups).

For now however (before I put in too much of my own time and effort), I am simply asking two questions to gauge the potential interest in this project: 

1.       Would you be happy to accept and play an expanded set of missions?
2.       What sorts of things would you like to see in an expanded set of missions?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Battle Brothers - Game 5

... and balance is restored.

After another very delicious lunch we faced off against a couple of guys who had travelled down from Aberdeen with the guys we'd played that morning. I was less optimistic after looking at this list featuring a couple of Vendettas, a blob and Wolves. This may be an inauspicious end to the Tournament!

Lord Commissar
30ish-man blob w. 3 Autocannons
Logan Grimnar
4x Wolfguard in Term Armour Wolf Claws, Thunder Hammer Storm Shield, Power Sword & Power Axe in a Drop Pod
5 Thunderwolves

Big Guns Never Tire and a Dawn of War Deployment.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Battle Brothers - Game 4

Climbing a great height may lead to a rapid descent

After a rather spectacular Day 1 where we'd picked up pretty much maximum VPs, we were feeling unusually confident about Day 2. We felt we had a fairly effective list and that we were playing it well. However we also knew that the dice had been kind to us and that sort of luck is not something that tends to stick with either of us for long.

So it was with cautious optimism that I reviewed the army list handed to me by our very friendly opponents. Nothing immediately jumped out at me as being particularly threatening except possibly the Helldrake, but surely we could handle that right?

Chaos Marines x10 Lascannon and Melta gun
Chaos Marines x10 2x Plasma gun
Chaos Marines x10 2x Plasma gun
Kabalite Warriors x10, Blaster, Raider w. Splinter Racks
Kabalite Warriors x10, Dark Lance, Raider w. Splinter Racks

3 objectives with Hammer & Anvil Deployment


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