Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Adeptus Titanicus AT18 Narrative Campaign System

 I have recently produced a narrative campaign system for Games Workshop's Adeptus Titanicus (AT18). You can find it here: 


Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Terminal for Imperator Titan for Adeptus Titanicus

Recently I have begun building an Imperator Titan for use in my games of Adeptus Titanicus. To use the model in games, I have taken the rules written by Kylan Day (a member of the excellent ADEPTUS TITANICUS 2018 facebook page), and I have tweaked them slightly, mostly in order to simplify them slightly for myself. 

In Kylan's version, the Reactor management for the Imperator was slightly more complex (as befits such a behemoth), but I prefer a simpler method of playing, and so I have changed the Reactor management back to how a regular Titan works - albeit with a far higher number of Reactor levels, to reflect the gargantuan power generators on such a colossal Engine. 

I have also played about with the strengths of the weapons a little bit, and dded points values. 

So - thank you Kylan for the inspiration and for putting the rules out there for us all to use. 

You can find the Terminal for the Imperator Titan here:

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Warhammer 30k - Horus Heresy Era Imperial Army List

Presented here is the first draft of my Imperial Army  list for Warhammer 30k. This allows players to create armies of human warriors to face off against the might of the Legiones Astartes during the Horus Heresy.

As always, constructive feedback and playtesting results are always very welcome!

Click here to download a .pdf version of the Imperial Army list:
Warhammer 30k Imperial Army List (rev 1a)


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