Tuesday, 7 April 2015

30k Heresy Era Death Guard - WIP

In under two weeks' time I will be heading to the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport (UK) for a 30k Horus Heresy campaign weekend. A campaign weekend is sort of the opposite of a tournament - gamers are encouraged to be fluffy, and it's definitely a fun game you are aiming to create for your opponent, not a crushing defeat of your opponent!
As I am very poor, I have decided to build my Death Guard force for the smallest cost possible! I have previously bought about 100 'Space Crusade' Marines for about a tenner(!), so of course they have become the core of this army. I also won a decent amount of second hand Chaos Marines (40 CSM's and 4 Dreadnoughts) for about £30, so the Death Guard veterans will use CSM models, as I figure the veterans would be more likely to convert to Nurgle before the rank and file might do.  

Here are the models I have painted so far:

Death Guard infantry

Death Guard command (from left: Librarian, Chaplain and Forge Lord)

 To transport the army, I am scratch building three Storm Eagles (see previous posts). These are made, but still need painting. Hopefully by the end of the week, these will be ready too, so look out for another post showing off the completeed army!


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