The Vision

Hopefully this will answer some of your most asked questions including, "Who are you?" and "What are you doing on my Internet?"

I played my first game of Space Crusade back in about 1990 and was completely hooked on Space Marines at that moment. When the first Space Wolf army list was printed in White Dwarf in 1992, I knew that I'd found my perfect army. I played a couple of games under the old first edition "Rogue Trader" rules but my "gaming career" really took off in second edition when half a dozen of my friends got into it. Then after about five years I discovered sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (well, girls, beer and Britpop) and I fell out of the game.

Many years later, after I'd moved out of my house, my dad said that he still had some boxes of mine in his loft and could I please move them out as he was looking to sell his house. Of course these boxes contained all of my old 40K stuff. It re-ignited my interest in the hobby and I ordered the 5th Edition rulebook and started lurking on various websites. Eventually, I heard rumours about a new Space Wolf Codex and minis coming out and I thought that it would be the perfect time to get back into the game.

So, in October 2009, I bought the new Codex, some new minis and started to put some army lists together. I searched online and found a weekly gaming club in Nottingham and after a couple of shy, awkward weeks of poking around, I managed to arrange a game.

Fast forward to February 2010 and by now I'm starting to have a bit of a grip on the basics of the game, list building and tactics. However, I'm pretty sure the best way to learn from your mistakes is to actually analyse them and that is the point of this blog. In the past I've always been pretty bad at this since I always used to put down loses to bad luck with the dice. Hopefully this time I (and any other readers) will be able to learn a few things from my many, many mistakes.

So, that's the plan, a series of army lists, battle reports, after action reports and painting updates. Further out, I'd like to attend my first ever tournament so they'll be some posts around that as well no doubt.

Oh, and why Claws and Fists? Well, I intend to get my friend Andy to do some posting as well and since I play Space Wolves (claws) and he plays an Imperial Fist successor Chapter (fists) it seemed a good name...


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