Tuesday, 10 August 2010

All wings report in

"Red 5 standing by"

Recently my Land Speeders have been a bit hit and miss, the misses mainly coming when I'm a bit too aggressive with them. Anyway, I've been thinking about deployment of them. Most of the time I start with them on the table but I've also tried keeping them in reserve, especially in Spearhead deployment as it can give some really good side shot opportunities. So, the only thing I haven't tried is Deep Strike. On the down side you arrive on a random turn and can't shoot when you arrive. On the up side you get your 4+ save and can place the Speeder(s) pretty much wherever you like. Since I normally spend at least one turn turbo boosting to get into position, the downsides aren't that great. I don't think I've ever seen this tactic discussed online so it's either not widely used and/or just plain rubbish. Now, I'm not saying that this is going to become a tactical mainstay but I'm going to give it a playtest as it might prove useful in certain situations, for example, blocking charges from an enemy Land Raider.


  1. Vehicles that deep strike count as moving at cruising speed, pg. 95. A Land Speeder is a fast skimmer and thus can move at cruising speed and fire one main weapon and all defensive weapons. So, you can fire the turn you land if deep striking a Land Speeder.

  2. Good spot. This is what happens when I write articles at work when my rulebook is at home. I think the confusion has come from one of my friends claiming that Drop Pods always enter play travelling flat out but I can't see that in the Codex or BRB either...



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