Friday, 6 August 2010


I`ve been in the US for the last 5 days preparing for my wife`s cousin`s wedding and tomorrow is the big day. The suits are hired, the booze has been ordered and the bride and groom are looking remarkably calm. We`ve been filling the days with little trips to see a few sights but for the most part we`ve been trying not to get under too many people`s feet.

To fill some of the gaps I`ve been browsing through the Tyranid codex and while I`m set on doing an Eldar list next, the `nids have always held something of a fascination for me ever since owning the first edition of Space Hulk, I`m sure many people are the same! The army looks like a lot of fun with some widely varying builds possible but I`m very put off doing another horde-style army after the sheer volume of paining required from my Orks! Still there are painting services out there and in the case of a `nid army I`m not afraid to use them!

Here`s a little list I came up with:

Parasite of Mortrex

Good price, interesting rules and supports the flying portion of my list a lot cheaper than a flying tyrant would!

Two Broods of 2 Hive Guard

Best transport killers the `nids have available and at T6 they will probably stick around a while.

10 man termagant brood and the obligatory Tervigon

What`s not to like, except that combined with the Parasite HQ this could add up to a lot of kill points in a kill point game!!

Two Broods of 10 Genestealers

THE character unit for the Tyranids imho, I gotta have them an one unit is to easy to burn down.

20 Hormagaunts

Killy and cheap, they can provide cover and a sizable combat threat that cannot be ignored.

15 Gargoyles

Fast, cheap and cool looking models, surely a must have. They also provide a screen for:

4 Tyranid Shrikes

Flying Warriors which my HQ can hide in, the unit packs a pretty serious cc punch and should get there thanks to the Gargoyles.

2 Mawlocs

Opinion seems divided on these and Trygons and I`m still in two minds over it but for the points they look a good fit.

The Great Devourer`s schemes may yet come to fruition!


  1. Not sold on the Parasite, too easy to ID with a Krak Missile. I do love 'stealers tho, have done since I first saw them in Space Crusade. Not convinced by the Mawlocs either, the only thing they have going for them is Terror From The Deep and if you miss with that you're in trouble. It is a solid list but needs a bit of tweaking in my humble opinion.

  2. Well the Parasite is an IC so can be hidden in with the Shrikes so that`s not a major concern (I`d take a Tyranid Alpha but you can`t give them wings!). I agree on the Mawlocs though, 1 is useful as a tarpit but It would be nice to be able to fit a Trygon in too.

  3. Oi! Go and enjoy your holiday! :-)

    I'd worry that five Krak Missiles could take out most of your synapse though. Even with cover saves from the Gargoyles you could lose the Parasite and the Shrikes by the end of turn 2. The thing is, Forge World do some amazing winged Warriors. Hmm, does the Rule of Cool trump units nit being points efficient?



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