Thursday, 5 August 2010

Beating myself up

Whenever Andy posts a list up on here I always have a look through and try to decide what order I'd try to kill things in. Now, obviously this is based largely on perceived threat as things would be different on the table as things such as cover come into play. So, for example with his Ork lists, it's usually Lootas, Battlewagons then everything else. I figure that it would only be fair if I did the same thing to my own list for Open War. Let's also imagine that I'm playing the same list. So, with all things being equal what would I try and kill first? Well, there's a clear long range threat in the army so for me the key turn 1 targets would be the Razorbacks and the Long Fangs. I'd not necessarily destroy the Razorback, just stopping them from shooting will be enough. So, my Razorbacks and my Rune Priest would shoot at them while the Long Fangs would fire Krak Missiles at their opposite numbers and split fire with the Lascannons into the Razorbacks if needed. Obviously the problem with facing these MSU builds is that there are so many targets you need a lot of shooting to shut it down. Without a good/lucky round of shooting you're getting a lot of fire coming back your way. What would I do if I went second? Hmm, try and stick everything in cover and cross my fingers (ie the same as my plan against any "Leafblower" style IG lists if they get first turn) The list is definitely not invulnerable but you'll either need a lot of shooting to cripple it from range (even though there is lots of it AV11 is far from indestructible) or a big enough close combat threat to weather the storm and rip up the vehicles in assault.

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