Thursday, 26 August 2010

Little by little

I thought I'd post a little update on the Thunder-nators. I've managed to snatch an hour here and there over the last couple of days so I'm doing a colour at a time. The yellow is Iyanden Darksun just a single coat thinned 1:1 with my mix of water and flow release, the red is a coat of Macherite Red, thinned 1:1, followed by a thin layer of Macherite : Scab Red : water (1:1:1). I then went round the edges of the Crux with Badab Black to give it a little shading followed by a final layer of red which was the previous mix with a drop of Bleached Bone to lighten it slightly.

Enough of all that, here's a few pics:

Finally here's a pic of the army so far [warning: vulgar display of plastic]:

Models are as follows:

Pedro (counts as model), Khan (counts as model), Lysander, Librarian, Librarian in Terminator Armour, Chaplain

Sternguard (x20), Tactical Terminators (x7), Sanguinary Priests (x2), Dreadnoughts (x4), Assault Terminators (x5)

Tactical Marines (x20), Scouts (x20), Seargent Telion, Death Company (x10), Lemartes

Rhinos/Razorbacks (x3), Drop Pods (x3)

Land Speeder Typhoons (x4), Land Speeder Storm (x1), Baal Predator (x1), Scout Bikers (x5), Assault Marines (x22)

Land Radier (x1), Predator (x1), Whirlwind (x1), Devastator Squad (x5), Thunderfire Cannon (x1)

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