Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Fear

So, I'm pretty happy with my list for Open War but there are still a few armies that I'd be worried about facing:

Horde Orks

I mean like a proper 150+ Boyz list. How do you kill that many Orks? Especially if they have a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field or two. It would be really difficult to beat such a list in the fist scenario as they should easily be able to hold their own two table quarters. However, is there anyone out there who wants to paint that many Orks? Let's hope not.

Somethin' Shooty

A good Tau list or a good Imperial Guard list that could happily outshoot me from across the board. There is a good amount of cover on the boards at Warhammer World but I guess that works both ways - if they can't shoot me, generally I can't shoot them.

Something Different

Since I've only been back in the game for a few months, there is bound to be an army that I've never played against before. There were a lot of Daemons at the last Open War but the one I'd be worried about most would be Dark Eldar. Fragile but quick and killy.

Having said that, I'll probably end up with three games against Space Marines...


  1. Understandable. Overall, I think the scarcity of DE players may work in your favour, and the Orks are most likely to be a Hybrid, not pure Foot.

  2. Hi TKE, I think you're right about the Dark Eldar, although if the rumours are true we'll probably be seeing a lot of them come the next Open War in May. I think the most horde-y style lists will probably be double Tervigon Tyranids...



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