Saturday, 28 August 2010

Know Your Rules


On Thursday, we had a situation where Andy wanted to ram my Land Speeder with his Battlewagon. Andy offered me the choice of a 3+ jink save or a Death or Glory attack. Now, at this point in the game I was being absolutely battered so the opportunity to actually destroy something really appealed. I managed to blow up his Battlewagon (and half of the Orks inside it too)

It was only later, after "the face" had gone, that I started thinking about what had happened. Obviously you can only Death or Glory from a Tank Shock. When it's vehicle to vehicle, it's a ram. Of course if it had been a Multimelta Attack Bike then it would have been allowed to Death or Glory.

In the end this had no bearing on the result of the game but I really need to read up on the rules for Tank Shocks and Ramming before Open War. I keep reading online about how good Tank Shocks are and I personally don't use them nearly enough.

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