Monday, 23 August 2010

Know Your Rules

This week - Shooting into combat. This is based on something that nearly came up on thursday, something very sneaky that I didn't use in the end as I already had the game in the bag (note that this is post victory cockiness, at the time I still thought I could find a way to throw it away) Now, I was shooting at an enemy Vindicator with my Vindicator (yay for trying to optimise lists at 750 with lots of restrictions) Usually, you'd place the centre of the template over the centre of the enemy vehicle in order to maximise your chances of hitting it in the case of scatter. However, I realised if I aimed for the back of the Vindicator, I could catch three of his Assault Marines who were locked in combat just behind the Vindicator. Obviously, they would have gotten a cover save but I can't see a reason why this tactic wouldn't be legal. I'm clearly targeting the Vindicator with the blast, anything else is collateral damage. I don't think that this is something that is likely to come up very often as it's unlikely that an assault will be taking place that near to a target. Plus, in this case, I was only willing to risk hitting the combat as I had a dreadnought locked in it and he'd already lost both of his arms. If I'd hit him I may have blown him up and killed the enemy that way! However, I wouldn't have done it if I'd had a squad in combat as I'd consider that too risky. In fact, in that case I may have even looked for a different target for my Vindicator.

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