Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Target Priority

Or "Why I'm giving up spam (kind of)"

Originally, my Open War list was going to feature 5 Las/Plas Razorbacks each containing 5 Grey Hunters with a Meltagun. Now, I understand why this is such a good build. How can the enemy prioritise one target over another one when they're all the same? Plus, you've got the bonus of having two weapons compared to one on the other Razorback options so a Weapon Destroyed result doesn't ruin your day. This list would do brilliantly well in a really competitive environment where everyone is running a "5th edition" list (ie meched up) However, I'm still not entirely sure that Open War will be full of those kinds of lists so I'm going to try and cover all of my bases (as you should with a good all comers list) With that in mind I'm going to take two Assault Cannon Razorbacks for anti-horde and for emergency vehicle popping (yes, even with Rending, it's still last ditch) In addition, I'm also taking a Twin-Linked Lascannon Razorback in order to remove the temptation to keep my Razorback stood still so that I can fire all of the weapons. Since, I'm probably going to be firing the Lascannons most of the time anyway, this seems like a good (twin-linked) compromise.

However, back to target saturation, this gives me some problems. If I was an Ork player, I'd fire my Lootas at the Assault Cannon Razorbacks first as they can theoretically do the most damage to my rampaging horde. Similarly with Tyranids and Hive Guard, they'd be the first target. If I had an IG or Tau shooty army, I'd ignore the Assault Cannon Razorbacks and shoot at the other three as they have the range to hurt me. Once they've gone I can pick off the Assault Cannon Razorbacks later. Although, in these four examples, it does hopefully mean that people are ignoring my Long Fangs. Hmm, maybe I do have some target saturation after all...


  1. Can your Assault Cannon razorbacks fire over the other razorbacks and vice-versa? If yes then you could hid them behind, depending on the situation, to get a nice +3 cover save on the high priority razors making your opponent think twice to where he is going to shoot :)

  2. See, no build is safe from a WAAC mentality (I had to look that up - that's how much of a carebear I am). However I don't think varying the weapon load-outs counts as "giving up Spam" ... you're still a "bloody viking!".

  3. Hi Lefteris, good thinking. I could have two Razorbacks in a V formation with the Assault Cannons shooting over the point.

    Fudal - I admit it's still a bit spammy but it's not as bad as it was lol. It may still go back to the 5 Las/Plas set up depending on how testing goes...



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