Thursday, 26 August 2010


So, cruising around on the internet, I came across this blog by BJ. As well as some nice Thunderwolves, he also had this brilliant and simple conversion for Combi-Meltas. I thought, "hmm, I'm having that!" and so here we are:

The one change I made was using the clip from an old school Bolter rather the one from the Bolt Pistol (this was due to the fact some overzealous cutting led to the clip in question pinging off across the living room, never to be seen again)
Now, regular readers will notice that I've never written a list requiring Combi-Meltas. However, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm still not convinced by the Predator in my 1750 list. Hence the option to trim my Wolf Scouts to 5 but then take a Wolf Guard with a Combi-Melta (plus then two basic Wolf Guard in the two Long Fang squads) My only question at the minute is how else to equip him - Combi and a Power Weapon comes to 33 points, with a Wolf Claw comes to 38 and with a Power Fist comes to 43. Plus there's also the option to give him Meltabombs for an addition 5 points. Choices, choices...


  1. Love the use of the old school bolt pistol, and curly magazines are always cool!

    I can't help but worry that you're overthinking your list. Your current build is min/max, adding a 33-43 point model to a 5 man unit isn't really going to be worth it in my opinion. I should caveat that with the fact that I don't properly understand how the wolves work, but from the outs looking in that's how it appears to me.

  2. For me it's about synergy. The Predator feels out of place in my list so I can replace it with the Combi-Melta guy, two regular Wolf Guard and a Heavy Bolter Razorback. The Combi-Melta gun guy makes the Wolf Scouts better at their job - taking out enemy tanks and/or heavy weapon squads in the enemy deployment zone. The two regular guys make the Long Fangs better by acting at bullet catchers thereby keeping the heavy weapon guys alive longer. The empty Razorback can also be used to provide cover or just as an additional transport if one of the other ones gets destroyed.

    That's my current thinking anyway, I need to playtest it obviously.



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