Friday, 6 July 2012

Is combat dead in the 6th?

Firstly a disclaimer, I have played 1 game of 40k so if my understanding of the rules are wrong feel free to let us know because I need all the help I can get with it.

Last night was my first game of 40k; I played Duncs with his Necrons. I've been playing Duncs for about 2 years and really expected to face his Orks so it was a pleasant surprise to see Hordes (or 500 points worth) or living metal across from me.

This was the first time I'd played Necrons, I've discussed on here starting an army of them I love the models and the simple but effective paint jobs that people manage on them.

We ended up playing the 1 objective game with the short edge deployment.

The game was very close with Duncs winning as he destroyed the first unit while we drew on primary objectives.

So thoughts on 6th

Combat is clunky, really clunky.

We found it really slow to allocate wounds to Space wolves that are all in base to base.

It’s also really hard to win combat with the fact that you just seem to run away no matter what happens in the combat. It’s also just harder to get into combat with the fat that you can't assault out of a parked rhino.

Our game really made me think that Combat is dead, the game was shooting based in fifth, with over watch and new combat resolution it’s even more so or at least that was the impression I got.
Personally I don't have a problem with that, I always thought that fights in the 41st millennium should be solved with guns rather than sticks but it leads you to think.

So what did I learn? Grey Hunters are even more awesome than before, over watch + counter charge + rapid fire and the options for either plasma or melta they are the most adaptable troop choice in the game.

Rhinos really are paper thin, I just don't know how many we will see, and do you want to just sit in a tin can and then when you are going to do something you are going to get shot anyway? I could certainly see drop pods making a comeback. You are going to get out and get shot anyway so why not make sure you get where you want to get before you get shot?

Now when the Necron codex came out I discussed with Darren how I thought they had big holes in them because of their low I they could get chased off the board so easily and he discussed that as it was written ready for 6th it was going to really find its place on the introduction and I have to agree, Tesla really comes into the fore, as do gauss with their ability to glance vehicles to death. I was tempted to do a necron army before, after last night I am even more so.

As always I look forward to reading you comments.


  1. Honestly, This edition feels like a Giant middle finger to anybody who doesn't play a gunline army. So my orks, Flesh Tearers, and Khorne Zerker armies are all now super nerfed. Meh. More chicanery by GW.

  2. I'd have to disagree. Whilst there's no denying shooting is brilliant I think combat is still lethal especially with precision strikes. At the moment people will be using 5th edition lists which don't really tell you much about the new rules. Once people adapt to the new meta I think you'll see combat is just as good. Being able to charge a potential 12" is significant and overwatch isn't totally devastating.

    Bear in mind you played Necrons who, in my opinion, are the new power army of 40k. Command Barges are awesome, gauss is obscene, scarabs got better and their flyers are great etc etc. They're the army to beat.

  3. I haven't yet had a game of 6th ed, but the combat resolution looks, on paper, to work the same as 5th (with regards to break tests). Is there a reason you think for why units seemed to be running away a lot more?

  4. I dont think that close combat is dead, people will just have to change there approach to how they enter it. Mic's marines could still pump out a load of attacks(help by mark of the Wolfen). Don't get me wrong shootie armys are going to be the new black for a while, i think the only people who are going to luck out with the new rules are those out there running with las/plas type armys. Drop pods will def make a come back and could make a very effective list for space wolves.


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