Saturday, 3 November 2012

Blog Wars IV Tournament - Tickets Available for 2 Weeks Only

Blog Wars Needs YOU!
WHAT?   Blog Wars IV Tournament
WHEN?   Saturday 1st December 2012
WHERE? Eye of the Storm venue, Mansfield
PRICE?    £15
SCOPE?   Three games of 6th edition 40k in a single day
POINTS?  1,850pts 
The ever-excellent friendly tounament Blog Wars is running for the fourth time on Saturday 1st December at the Eye of the Storm venue (formerly Maelstrom Games) in Mansfield. Tickets are only available for two more weeks - the deadline for tickets (and army list submissions) is therefore 17th November. There are currently eighteen players signed up, but there is still plenty of space for more. If you're interested in joining up, check out the From the Fang blog where you can see the tournament pack, read the missions and learn more about what makes this tournament unique.
For those in the know, Blog Wars is a friendly/semi-competitive event run by Alex Brown. It started as as an inter-blog tournament but quickly expanded into an all-comers event. The main thing that makes Blog Wars unique is that your army must include at least one Special Character, which really set the tournament apart at the time of it's first running, as most of the other events at the time actually disallowed special characters (hard to believe now, but was an accepted reality only a couple of years ago). The missions are written especially for the event, and feature special rules which give your chosen special character additional abilities - for example, they are scoring, but also award extra kill points to your oppenent. You can see the missions here:
The event comprises three games at 1,850pts in a single day. Fortifications and allies are allowed, and mysterious terrain is in use too; in fact, all the 6th edition rules are in effect, except that scenery will be pre-arranged, which is typical in tournaments as it saves time on the day.
As usual, the Claws & Fists boys will be there. Andy will be taking his semi-Nidzilla Tyranid hive fleet, and I will be taking my Squats-as-IG for their first tournament outing. Lists need to be submitted by 17th November, so watch this space for our final army lists!

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