Friday, 31 May 2013

Oh, beautiful Eldar

To say I'm excited about the new Eldar codex is an understatement. There are two things that attracted me (back) to 40K: Chaos and Eldar. Both have great imagery, although I've always thought that Chaos could be so much more - rather than spiky marines, let's have more like the possessed and Hellbrute models. I want something truly daemonic - not just really-annoyed-with-daddy-marines.

Where was I? Oh yes.

The new Eldar codex is out to buy tomorrow, although of course there has been the usual leaks of models and rules in the last couple of weeks. It seems GW is sticking to their recent policy on codex updates, less new models, more an overhaul to bring them up to 6th edition rules. I'm very happy with this as it should mean all armies are on an equal(ish) footing, not like the insanity with 3rd edition and 5th edition books together.

I think Eldar has perfect aesthetics - they look distinguished, fragile, egotistical, agile and deadly at the same time. Some of the models are a little old now such as Warp Spiders, but they still look good even if the scale is a little off.

I currently have a Biel-Tan inspired army, although I have repainted it in Alaitoc colours and it looks a lot better for it. I dug it out last weekend and although I think the models look good, they're not as good as I can do now. So I've decided to start up a new Eldar army, playing my existing one until it's done.

My existing army is aspect warriors, wave serpents with some wraithlords and rangers. I have no vypers, fire prisms, support weapons, guardians or jetbikes.

I'm thinking one of these might be fun:

1. Saim-hann themed - jetbikes/vypers/fire prisms/possibly a wave serpent or two/wraithfighters/crimson hunters.
2. Static/hammer and anvil - wraithlords/wraithknight/guardians with weapons platforms/support batteries/rangers/dark reapers. Maybe even an Avatar. I could then have a hammer of the new wraith guard backed up with scorpions, walkers and maybe even harlequins.

Whatever I decide to do I want to paint them pink. Not baby pink, more like a fuchsia. I'm thinking Emperor's Children Pink on a Screamer Pink base. Normally green complements pink, but I tried this before and it looked awful, so I reckon some sort of bone colour instead. If this doesn't work I might go more for a scarlet.

Oh, one final thing. The internet is alive with people complaining that the new codex looks uncompetitive or difficult to play. Eldar have ALWAYS been hard to play, it's what makes them such fun, every game feels like a dance - where everything comes together at the end.


  1. I love the new flyers - they look graceful and lethal in equal measure. The big Wraith Knight I'm not sure about - it looks a bit clunky, especially the head - so I'll forego judgement until I've seen one on the tabletop. Obviously Wraithguard are classic models, perfectly sculpted and beautiful to look at. It's a shame their big Knight cousin doesn't share their styling!

    I'm hoping to pick up the Eldar codex soon (I have done Waterstones vouchers burning a hole in my pocket). I intend to build an Exodite army, either as a whole new army or possibly as allies to my existing Squat Guard.

  2. I agree on the Wraithknight, from the first time I saw it I didn't like the look of it. It's not as graceful as the Eldar titans, in my opinion anyway.

    I've decided to stick to an Alaitoc colour scheme - this way I can expand on my current force until I've completed my new army. I'm intending to sell my existing army once complete.

    I do fancy doing an Iyanden themed army as the new Wraithguard are lovely models.

    I'm off to pick up some models today, probably starting with a flyer and some jetbikes.


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