Thursday, 6 June 2013

Off my painting table this week.

I've painted up a few new models for my Alaitoc Eldar.  I've done 3 Jetbikes, 2 Vypers (the models are old but great) and a Crimson Hunter. I know Vypers and possibly the CH are a little fragile and difficult to play but I've had some thoughts.

Firstly, how about Crystal Targeting Matrix on the Vypers? That should give me a 12" + 18" move then fire, I can rush down the flanks of the board and then hit side armour. Even the shuriken cannon is good for this. Or maybe a 60 point Bright Lance platform, BS4 is nice after all. The Starcannon is also interesting. Anyway, all weapons are magnetised so I can try some combinations.

Jetbikes - well, they're even better now so why not.

And the Crimson Hunter is just a beautiful model. If a little more NATO than Eldar :)

The next time I decide on such large areas of bone and/or yellow - I need a voice in my head to tell me to stop! I'm very pleased indeed with the stippled blue though, so much so that I'm using this style rather than edge highlighting on all my new stuff.

I'm thinking of running an Autarch with either a unit of Hawks of Spiders to give me the ability to alter reserve rolls. This thing is fragile but VERY deadly.

No weapons yet, trying to decide whether to them bone or something else at the moment. Also, I have the base to do, plenty of space to do something interesting...


  1. Nice mottling. Looks great.

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  3. I think the Autarch would be better with the spiders. If the Autarch attaches to the hawks they loose their ability to skyleap and deep strike without scatter.

    1. Oh and great job on the mottling!

    2. Thanks! Great idea on the Autarch, I might pick one up today :)

  4. Ah, A fellow Alaitoc painter. Love the mottled effect on the hunter. Glad you decided to go craftworld colours same as me also. My mottling went a bit OTT with about 8 shades of blue so I prefer yours. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff. Cheers.


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