Sunday, 14 July 2013

Best Podcasts on the 'Net?


There must be a lot of great podcasts out there on the tinterweb relating to our favourite game, Warhammer 40,000 - but which are the best and which are your favourites?

I currently listen to the '40K UK' / '40K Global' podcast and occasionally the '11th Company' podcast from the USA, but I'm sure there are lots more - specifically in this country - that I am missing.

I enjoy listening to articles on tactics, codex reviews, anything to do with the fluff, scratchbuilding and model/terrain-making... just about anything really! Specifically though, anything that might make me a better player, and anything which shows a bit of imagination (ie, not just regurgitating the latest net-spam army lists).

Please help me! If you can suggest some good podcasts, I would be very grateful. I may even do a post reviewing all the ones that our readers here on Claws & Fists recommend!


  1. Fav' fluff based podcast is Deepstrike Radio. These chaps know their 40K lore.
    Fav' general 40K podcasts are The Independent Characters and The Overlords.

    Look 'em up see what you think if you haven't already.

  2. Ok, thanks! I've just downloaded the latest episode of Deepstrike Radio's podcast, so I'll be checking that out on the drive to work this week.

    I'll have to clear some space on the mobile, then look into the IC's and the Overlords too.



  3. The Independent Characters and The Overlords will be right up your street Grazer, highly recommended.

    I've not listeded to Deep Strike Radio so I can't comment :)

  4. Independent Characters, Overlords, Deepstrike Radio, 11th Company are probably "top tier" IMO. I have links to them and many others at:

    There are more, but that should get you started!

  5. Excellent article thanks! I'll try and work my way through and then - eventually - try and review them here on C&G.

    Cheers guys!



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