Monday, 12 August 2013

On-Commission Painting Service

I am planning to start up a model-making & painting service. To start with, this would be a single project to test the viability and then, if this proves successful, I would begin ramping the service up. 

For folks who do not know me, I have been collecting miniatures for various wargames systems since the late 80's, so I have a fair bit of experience! Since my return to 40k about five years ago, I have built up a Chaos Space Marines army, an Eldar army, a heavily-converted Tyranid force and a semi-scratchbuilt Squat army (based on the Imperial Guard codex). 

You can find pictures of some if my work here: 




What I'm looking for to start with is a single willing individual to be my guinea pig! I'm happy to do any or all of the following tasks: 

- Buying the models
- Assembly
- Under-coating
- Painting
- Basing
- Display board

Of course I am looking to do this to make a small additional income to my regular job (I'm an engineer) but as it'll be my first foray into commission work, I'm happy to discuss price and come to an amicable and mutually-acceptable agreement regarding costs. 

If it sounds like the sort of thing you would be interested in, please post a comment below and we can begin proceedings! 

Thanks for reading, 



  1. Have any experience with tau? I enjoy letting different people paint Commander HQs for me so that they each have their own flair.

  2. I've not painted any Tau before, but I am keen to try - their clean lines and bold design is quite different to anything else in the 40k universe.

    Is this something you might be interested in?

    1. Sure, provided the cost isn't outrageous. Is there a particular suit you would want to paint? Or if you'd like I have been meaning to add Aun'va to my collection.

  3. I would be more than happy to do either, although by preference I'd love the chance to paint a battle suit, so perhaps an XV8 Battlesuit Commander would interest you?

    If you're happy with that choice, I'll go ahead and put a price quote together for you, based on purchase of the model, assembly, painting & basing.

    Where would the item need to be delivered to? I am based in Nottingham in the UK.


    1. I already have the XV8 commander model, so if that is the model then He would need to be reposed to something other than his standard pose. But other than that I would be fine with him or one of the XV9/VX8s from forge world (if you have access to them).

      And I am located in the states in Maryland.

  4. I'll work on two quotes for you - a re-posed Battlesuit Commander, and also Aun'va. Then you can choose which you would prefer.

    How would you like me to send the quote to you? Email? Or via a PM on Dakka Dakka or The Warhammer Forum? Or Facebook?


    1. Sweet, sounds good. You can send it to my namesake



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