Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Up For A Team Challenge?

In November, Sanctuary Games in Sutton-in-Ashfield are running an intriguing tournament - it's a 2-day team event called 'Allies of Convenience'. The reason I like it is that each team of four players can only select each codex once, meaning of course that we should see some interesting armies on the tables (rather than the usual glut of Tau, Eldar and Daemons on the upper tables).

The details are as follows:

Allies of Convenience - 40K Team Challenge

DATE: 30th/31st November
LOCATION: Sanctuary Gaming Centre - NG17 4GP
PRICE: £90 (£80 early bird) per team!
FORMAT: 5 games of 3 hours at 1,850pts, 4 player teams, each codex once per team

I  fancy trying this tournament out - so are there three equally interested gamers out there ready to join Team Claws & Fists?


  1. The actually principle sounds very interested, so yes I would potentially be interested in it!

  2. I propose team bloody fist claw.

  3. If you'll call it Claws and Fangs?

  4. If there's room count me in mate.

  5. Looks like we have enough interest to get things going then!

    So far we have:

    1. Graham (me!)
    2. Andy ('Mr. Claws & Fists' himself)
    3. ALShrive
    4. John Holland ('Mr. Blood Claw')
    5. Alex ('Mr. From The Fang')

    One thing to note - the date is 29-30 November. Please can you check to make sure you are free for that weekend!

  6. I'm in. Means I'll have to learn 40k AND paint an army, but it's the excuse I've been looking for. Grey knights or Nids for me. TheBaron!


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