Friday, 2 January 2015

Tyranids vs Space Wolves Campaign - Game 6


Having neutralised the alien breeding ground, the scouts of the Imperial forces discover the location of the Tyranid Norn Queen, deep underground, far below the surface of the tortured planet. Following the Scouts’ beacon, the main Imperial force thrusts a spear-tip forward through the Tyranid masses that defend the tunnel entrances to the Queen’s subterranean inner sanctum…


The Tyranid player places D3+2 pieces of terrain per 2’x4’ section of the board.  

The Imperial player then chooses deployment type and board edge.

After board edge and deployment type have been decided but before deployment itself begins, the Tyranid player should place a 3” x 3” tunnel marker representing the entrance to the Norn Queen’s underground lair. This tunnel marker should be placed in open ground (replace a piece of terrain if necessary). 


Primary Objective (10pts):

The Imperial Player wins by exiting at least 25% of his starting forces via the tunnel entrance. Units may exit the board by getting every model in the unit into base-to-base contact with, or onto the top of, the tunnel marker.

The Tyranid player wins by preventing this.

Secondary Objective (7pts):

‘Modified’ Maelstrom Cards (see Caledonian Uprising 2015 rules pack – thanks, Tim King!)

Tertiary Objectives:

First Strike (1pt)
Slay the Warlord (1pt)
Line Breaker (1pt) 

(NOTE: Tabling your opponent automatically gives the winner a 20-0 victory!).


If the Imperial player wins, he may choose up to three units in the next game to receive the infiltrate or scout special rules.

If the Tyranid player wins, he gains an optional +2 to the roll to determine who gets first turn in the next game, and may re-roll the dice to seize the initiative (if he so chooses).  

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