Saturday, 3 January 2015

Tyranids vs Space Wolves Campaign - Game 7

The nerve centre of the Tyranid invasion force has been breached! The Norn Queen calls her children to defend her inner sanctum, as the fate of the Hive Nest is decided in the cold darkness of her subterranean lair…


The Tyranid player places D3+2 pieces of terrain in each 2’ x 4’ section of the board.

The Imperial player then chooses board edge and deployment type.

After board edge and deployment type have been decided but before deployment itself begins, the Tyranid player should place a suitably grotesque and sizeable model to represent the Norn Queen in open ground (replacing a piece of terrain if necessary). The Norn Queen model may be placed anywhere on the table, outside of the Imperial player’s deployment zone.  


The Norn Queen costs 200pts (and must be taken by the Tyranid player!). She has the following profile:

WS: 4   BS: 4    S: 6      T: 8       W: 8     I: 1        A: 4      Ld: 10   Sv. 2+ / 3++

Special Rules:

Psychic Shield: The Norn Queen has a 3+ invulnerable save and has the shrouded special rule.

Immobile Creature: The Norn Queen cannot move, run, charge, consolidate or make sweeping advances (or otherwise move, or be moved, for any reason!).

Psyker (mastery level 3). Powers are drawn from the Tyranid powers.

Shadow in the Warp. 

Synapse Creature (24”). 

Scything Talons. 


Primary Objective (20pts):

The Imperial player wins the campaign by killing the Norn Queen.

The Tyranid player wins the campaign by preventing this from happening.

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