Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas Battle: 'The Razing of Welkrop IV'

To celebrate the festive period and to make good use of the time off from work(!), Duncs and I will be playing out a 3,500pt battle at Warhammer World between his Dark Mechanicum forces and my VI Legion Space Wolves. To frame our battle, I have knocked up a quick bit of background and a simple mission for us to play.


DATELINE: Welkrop IV, in the year 007.M31

In the dark months that followed the great deception at Isstvan, traitorous elements throughout the Imperium revealed themselves and openly pledged allegiance to Horus' war against the Emperor of Mankind. 

On the Forge World LMII-Gamma on Welkrop IV in the Engell system, the chief Magos swore the fealty of his facilities to the Warmaster, in exchange for the freedoms afforded by his new Lord to combine dark magicks and the unbridled powers of the warp with the greatest technological marvels of the Mechanicum. 

With the shackles of the Emperor that restricted such diabolical research removed, the Warp-Magos delved deep into the Immaterium, striking deals for unlimited power with the Ruinous Powers in exchange for an unrestricted route into real space for the Daemonic hordes of Chaos. 

Word of the Dark Mechanicum's defection soon reached Terra. Quickly, the VI Legion were dispatched to Welkrop IV to search out and expunge the traitorous elements there, and to neutralise their research facilities in order to prevent their warp-mutated war-engines from bolstering the Traitor forces. 


Pitched Battle deployment is used. 

Prior to the deployment of his forces, the Dark Mechanicum player places 5 buildings / ruins in his half of the board to represent the R&D Manufactorums of the Warp-Magos. These are impassable terrain for both players. Each has an Armour Value of 13 and has 4 Hull Points each. Replace these buildings / ruins with a crater or rubble etc if destroyed. 


Kill Points:
- 1pt per pt of enemy unit completely destroyed
- 1/2pt per pt of enemy unit completely depleted to less than 50% of its starting number of Wounds / Hull Points


3pts per Manufactorum that survives the game with at least 1 Hull Point. 


3pts per Manufactorum that Destroyed at the end of the game.

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