Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Squats-as-Imperial Guard - First Pictures

Following yesterday's battle-report, here are the first images of my Squats, on the table and ready for action in their battle against the dark forces of the Chaos Daemons. 
The Squats advance!  

 As you can see, the infantry models are all old Rogue Trader era plastic models from the original plastic box set (in 1993, it was £15 for 36 miniatures...). I have converted the models slightly, giving each a Space Marine backpack and also giving them Cadian IG arms and Lasguns, as I'm not overkeen on the original Lasgun design.
Two Medusas, a Manticore (far right) and the Infantry Squad
The artillary pieces - counting as Medusas and Manticores - are of course Chimera hulls, with scratchbuilt cannons on top. I wanted the Squat cannons to look more futuristic than the rather old-fashioned Imperial weaponry, to reflect the fact that the Squats are a technologically-advanced race compared to the regression of the Imperium. I wanted the weapons to look more like Plasma Cannons and Ion Blasters than solid-shell cannons. Hopefully I've achieved my goal - what do you think?
Close-up on the Infantry models



  1. They look great mate. Can't wait to see them at Blog Wars

  2. They look great! Very nice homage to the Squats of old.



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