Monday, 1 October 2012

Don't call it a comeback!

Wow! Long time no post. I'm sure no-one wants to read what I've been up to in the past … well it's been a long time as I said. Suffice to say I am still playing 40K and painting models.

I'm hoping that a few people are still keeping an eye on the blog because I need some help. I've signed up for Open War 18 which is a 1750pt 40K tournament and I'm finally getting my Tyranids into the fray. I've got a lot of painting to do in the next two weeks but for a basic table-top quality I think I can make it. Anyway, I need some help finishing off the list which is as follows:

Hive Tyrant
Wings, 2x TL Devourers (6th Ed Powers I think)
Tyranid Prime
2x Boneswords, Deathspitter, Regeneration

Tervigon (x2)
Cluster Spines, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sac, Catalyst (may replace with 6th Ed Power on 1 of them)
Termagant Brood (x2)
10 Termagants

Trygon (x2)
Carnifex Brood
2 Carnifexes w. TL Devourer (one each)

That all comes in at 1605 leaving me with 145pts to spend.
I'm considering adding Crushing Claws to the 'fexes leaving me with the potential to upgrade some of the other units. Or I could afford a unit of 6 Genestealers with a Broodlord or even a couple of Zoanthropes.

Is there something else you would recommend? Any feedback is greatly appreciated but I don't have any Gargoyles :)


  1. deanthedespoiler2 October 2012 at 03:23

    Do you have any hive guard to crack open tanks?

  2. Hi Andy, I'm looking forward to our practise game on Thursday. I'll post my Squats-as-IG list later on.

    As for your Nids, I have a few ideas and thoughts - I'll post 'em up at lunchtime when my brain is working properly!


  3. I'd be looking at double T/L Devs on your Fex's - not sure why you'd only buy one set for each...

    Hive Guard are always a great choice.

    Not sure how much you've played with Nids in 6th Ed - but since No Retreat has gone and wounds taken from the front, I have found big Gant broods way more effective. I now aim to field 20+ per brood.

  4. I accept that Hive Guard were mandatory in 5th but I don't think I'll see that many at Open War and certainly nothing that my MCs can't deal with so I was looking for something a bit different.

    I can deffinitely see doubling up on the TL devourers on my 'fexes and was thinking maybe some Zoans for buffing?

    I think lack of speed is going to be an issue so a big unit of gargoyles would have been nice, but bulking up the gants may be an option instead. I have raveners too, could they be an option?

  5. Hi again Andy,

    I think the core of your list is solid, you have the Trygons and Tyrant to scare your opponent (ie, me) and to make me concentrate my fire. The Termagants are good for objective grabbing, but they are terribly fragile so don't expect too many to survive!

    I would question whether you need two Tervigons. In my 5th edition games I found that they are too unreliable - you either get a half-dozen easy-to-kill broods (awful in kill-point missions) or the Tervigon 'jams' early on in the game and you're left with a monstrous creature that doesn't really threaten much offensively. Being able to upgrade the Tervigon with shooting attacks is a big plus in 6th edition, however.

    In terms of shooting, I might recommend dropping one of the Tervigons and replacing it with a couple of squads of two Hive Guard each. I know it's a bit 'cookie-cutter' (I prefer Zoanthropes anyway) but I think you'll need the additional shots for glancing tanks open. Dakka-Carnifexes are brilliant for this, but as a unit of two you're limited to targeting a single tank per turn.

    The most efficient way I've found of wrecking tanks in 6th is to assault with strength 4 or 5 infantry. You're pretty much guaranteed to wreck a Rhino or equivalent, as you're hitting on a 3+ at worst now. Weight if numbers does the trick for you, so Termagants with biomorphs (or sharing the Tervigon's upgrades) can be very effective.

  6. I'd try to get some Hive Guard (ideally 2x2) to kill tanks and Anti-Air early on, otherwise your Tyrant will die quickly against Aegis Lines etc.

  7. Hi Andy, as promised here is my list for tonight:



    Lord Commissar with power fist (85)

    1 x Company Command Squad with Astropath & 4 x Meltas (120)


    Marbo (65)


    1 x Infantry Platoon (395):
       - Platoon Command Squad with 4 x flamers    
       - Infantry squad with plasma gun
       - Infantry squad with plasma gun
       - Infantry squad with plasma gun
       - Heavy Weapons Team (3 x Autocannon)
       - Heavy Weapons Team (3 x Autocannon)

    Veterans with 4 x Meltas (100)


    1 x Vendetta with Heavy Bolter Sponsons (140)

    1 x Vendetta with Heavy Bolter Sponsons (140)


    Ordnance Battery (410): 
     1 x Colossus & 2 x Medusa

    1 x Hydra Flak Tank (75)

    1 x Manticore (160)


    1 x Chimera (for Company Command Squad) (55)


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