Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Expanding the Missions for WH40k

What is your Mission?

Been playing 40k for a while? Then you will certainly have played all the permutations of the standard missions... many, many times! You will know that if army/codex ‘X’ plays against opponent army/codex ‘Y’, then you will most likely get result ‘Z’. In fact, we all judge the perceived strengths of all the codices and rate them against each other – based on how they perform in a rather limited array of missions.
In the 6th edition book, five out of six missions feature some kind of objective(s) to be grabbed and held. Obviously missions of this ilk will suit any army which can either spam the board with multiple units (a la Tyranids with Tervigons) or an army which has a natural ability to withstand an onslaught of shots (ie power-armoured infantry, units with Feel No Pain or those with invulnerable saves).

What if the missions were more varied? Would that allow other codices, and more varied army builds from the more usual suspects, to have a better chance at competing in 40k?

 My aim is to produce an expanded set of missions and deployment set-ups to complement those already in existence. Ideally, this project would gain the support and acceptance by ‘the community’ and would become a resource that all can share and add to.

Later, I will be asking for contributions – both for missions and deployment set-up maps. I have about ten deployment maps sketched up, and rough ideas for around ten missions (these are in addition to the 6th edition ‘book’ missions and set-ups).

For now however (before I put in too much of my own time and effort), I am simply asking two questions to gauge the potential interest in this project: 

1.       Would you be happy to accept and play an expanded set of missions?
2.       What sorts of things would you like to see in an expanded set of missions?


  1. Sounds good mate. I'd be willing to trial them at BW6 if they shape up well.

    Intrigued to see what you've come up with

  2. Well, I put together a lot of rough ideas a couple of weeks ago - things like a 'breakthrough' mission where the objective is to move your units off the board, via your oppenent's deployment area, and a 'tactical retreat' when you start surrounded and have to break out of that cordon.

    A lot if the missions have a clear Attacker and Defender, which comes naturally to me as I generally see games as part of a narrative rather than as a stand-alone fight for no reason.

    I've also read the Flames of War (yesterday) and in pretty inspired by some of the missions in that game too - similar to 40k but also different too.

    1. If you want to test them out at some point let me know and we can meet up at Maunsfeld or Maelstrom or whatever the hell it's called.

  3. Sounds good! I managed to knock around half-a-dozen into shape last week while I was working up on Aberdeen (that's what you call a honeymoon - I got married on the Friday and then less than 72 hours later I was on a plane to Scotland for the week...).

    I'll continue working on them this week at work and then email you the first draft.

    It would be good to meet up for a game sometime - weekends are best, but I can do week nights too, depending on exactly what Mrs. Grazer is up to!

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