Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Battle Brothers - Game 5

... and balance is restored.

After another very delicious lunch we faced off against a couple of guys who had travelled down from Aberdeen with the guys we'd played that morning. I was less optimistic after looking at this list featuring a couple of Vendettas, a blob and Wolves. This may be an inauspicious end to the Tournament!

Lord Commissar
30ish-man blob w. 3 Autocannons
Logan Grimnar
4x Wolfguard in Term Armour Wolf Claws, Thunder Hammer Storm Shield, Power Sword & Power Axe in a Drop Pod
5 Thunderwolves

Big Guns Never Tire and a Dawn of War Deployment.

We dropped aggressively to take out the Thunder Wolves but also to protect our Tactical Squad from the firepower of the Blob. The volley of fire from these squads took the Thunderwolves down to a single model who broke but critically did not leave table, denying us First Blood.

Logan and his Wolf Guard dropped Defensively and the Guard killed a drop pod giving our opponents First Blood.

The remaining Tactical Squad dropped and focus fired a section of the blob, killing eight of them. The TFC killed another seven and the Sternguard took out about eight.

Logan and his Wolf Guard took out the recently arrived Tactical Squad with a volley of fire and an effective charge. The Vendettas arrived and whittled down the Sternies to about 5 models.

The Sternguard and remaining Tactical marines continued to whittle down the Guard blob. The Scouts decided that they needed to secure the center objective as I was running out of scoring units and the TFC could technically take the objective in my deployment Zone.

Sadly for us, a Vendetta killed the TFC despite the Aegis cover save however, the other failed to wound the Assault Termies. The remnants of the Guard Squad fired on the Sternies to little effect.

Scouts moved up into cover within easy touching distance of the center objective. The Sternguard finished off the Blob but could not wound the Commissar (their Warlord). The two remaining Tactical Combat Squads moved towards objectives.

The Vendettas hovered and wiped the librarian's Combat Squad. The Commissar joined the Wolf Guard unit for some safety.

Assault Termies assaulted and destroyed the nearest Vendetta, the Sternguard put a wound on Logan.
The Platoon Command Squad moved to contest objective the objective that my remaining Combat Squad held and Logan charged them. The Sergeant challenged Logan to save squad.

Lysander piles in to save the Tactical Marines and kills Logan in a single round of combat. The remaining two Sternguard draw combat against the PCS.

The PCS finish off the remaining Sternguard and combined shooting takes the remaining Tac Squad down to a single model who hangs in there on the objective but it's not enough thanks to First Blood and the extra VP for killing my Thunderfire Canon.

The game ends in a 4-6 loss.

I think our inability to finish off the Thunder Wolves on turn one was a critical factor in the loss, also the placement of the turn 2 drop pod was questionable, I think we could have played for a long game rather than trying to take out the blob as quickly as possible and losing 2/5 of our scoring units in a single turn.
Still it was another great game and a narrow loss.

I'll put up a post before the end of the week to sum up the Tournament, our list and what I learned from it all!

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