Sunday, 5 September 2010

Double Dragon

As well as playing some Space Hulk on thursday, Andy and I talked about our lists for the doubles tournament at the Freebootaz Open. There is an "Allies' Matrix" for the event but you can override it with a good back story. The first thing that obviously jumps to mind would be 750 points of shooty Tau backing up 750 points of assaulty Thunderwolves. They're fighting together because, erm, the Tau make really good ale? The obvious problem here is the fact that neither of us have any Tau or any Thunderwolves. So, we thought about putting together a double "Rock" army:

Space Wolves

Wolf Priest, Saga of the Warrior Born, Wolf Tail Talisman

15 Blood Claws, Power Fist

5 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun

Land Raider Crusader, Extra Armour, Multimelta

Quite straightforward - the Priest goes in the LRC with the Blood Claws giving them Preferred Enemy and they drive up and beat face. The Grey Hunters hide on an Objective or go in reserve and walk onto an Objective.

Blood Angels


Sanguinary Priest

7 Assault Marines, Power Weapon

Land Raider Redeemer, Extra Armour, Multimelta

5 Scouts

Again, no real sophistication here - the Priest joins the Assault Marines in the LRR and they drive up and beat face. The Priest stays in the tank giving out his Furious Chars/Feel No Pain goodness. Mephiston walks up behind the two Raiders and then umps out and attacks when he's in range. The Scouts can either Infiltrate or Outflank as the mission dictates.

The doubles tournament is only on a 4x4 board so we think that there's a good chance of us getting at least one Raider (plus probably Mephiston) into combat. Only a Tau list (Broadsides/Hammerhead + Piranhas), an Eldar list (Bright Lances + Vypers) or a Dark Eldar list (Dark Lances + Raiders) would have enough shooting and blocking to stop this. Hopefully people won't factor the thought of a dual Raider list into their strategy.

Obviously, if someone does have a tonne of shooting or lots of bubblewrap (IG perhaps) then the list isn't quite as useful but I still think it would be pretty daunting to see two Raiders and Mephiston across the board (I know I wouldn't like to face it in the 1750 tournament!) To be honest, I'm not sure if we'll run this list. It is scary but I'd rather run a more balanced broken list of shooty Wolves and assaulty BA. Hmm, almost back to where we started...

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