Wednesday, 2 November 2011

10 Week Challenge - Week 0.5: Tactics


This post is just intended as a bit of a mind-dump of thoughts I've been having around my new list, especially with regard to the Wolf Guard. These are all just generalisations rather than hard and fast rules - a jumping off point that can change depending on opponent/mission.

Kill Points

Split off all of the Wolf Guard and then Deep Strike the Drop Pod somewhere out of the way in order to try and deny KPs. Obviously subject to change if there is an enemy vehicle that must die.

Single Rock list

eg Land Raider with TH/SS Terminators or anything that is difficult to take out at range with Missile Launchers such as Obliterators or Leman Russes.
Keep 3/4 Combi-Melta Wolf Guard in the Drop Pod and Deep Strike into Melta range to (hopefully) take out the threat. The best thing with this is that even if you don't blow up the vehicle, the Drop Pod is still sat right in front of it so it has to waste a turn of movement going around it.

There are some shades of grey with this though - for example what about Predators? They're a pain to take out at long range (with this list) but would it be worth suiciding the WG just to take one out? Would it be better to drop the two Cyclone Missile Launchers in about 48" away to get side shots?

Shooty lists

For gunline armies the Wolf Scouts will go BEL with the 2 Power Fist WG to walk on and take out as much as possible.
Assaulty lists

For these, I'm thinking about infiltrating the Scouts and using them as roadblock. Whether they get a Powerfist or just a Combi-Melta guy would be dependent on exactly what's coming their way.

Actually, speaking of BEL, would there be any mileage in putting the CMLs with the Wolf Scout packs? Then if they came on the "wrong" board edge, they'd still have some ranged shooting.

Argh! My head hurts and I've barely even started! I think my list might have too many deployment options. I've never been great at deployment so I'm hoping that having to think about it more will make me better (that's a "glass half full" line if I ever saw one) 

I guess that the big question will be, "is there something that absolutely must be stopped on Turn 1?" If so, get podding and try and kill it otherwise deploy normally.

Even writing this conclusion, I've started thinking about Drop Podding in CMLs for Dawn of War(!) At least we'll see how the list fares with its first outing tomorrow. Until then, does anyone have any tips?


  1. Terminators can't join wolf scouts so the CMLs won't be doing any obel!

  2. Good point! That will teach me for writing stuff at work without my codex!

    Obviously there's two very good reasons you can't do this - a) it would be totally broken from a gameplay point of view b) it's very difficult to sneak around in Tactical Dreadnought Armour!


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