Thursday, 10 November 2011

Date With The Night

She shouldn't be here. Alena Nightdancer lowered her hood and looked both ways down the street, it was still deserted. She dashed from one doorway to another, constantly looking around her. She wasn't quite sure how she had made it this far, and yet...

And yet, this was probably the safest place she could possibly be. No-one would dare touch a Farseer here in the streets of Commorragh. Not even the roughest gangs would go anywhere near her for the vengeance that her Craftworld would bring down. The mon-keigh had a word for it - irony.

She still worried though. She had heard many tales of this place and now, seeing it up close and personal, she knew all the rumours were true.The hardest thing had been blocking out the thoughts of the dead and the dying, even though her training made it almost second nature.

Finally, she arrived at her destination. As she reached up to knock on the door, it opened and two hands reached out to pull her into the darkness. She was bundled across a darkened hallway, through a large wooden door and onto her knees. She looked up at the back of a chair behind a desk.

"Alena Nightdancer, Farseer of the Alaitoc Craftworld. I've been expecting you. In fact, I've been watching you since you arrived in the Dark City"

He slowly turned around and nodded at the two Incubi who left the room. He gestured towards the empty chair across from him. Alena stood up, brushed herself down and sat.

"So, my dear, what brings you here?"

"Our Rangers have discovered a slumbering Necron Tomb World and I'm here to call in a debt that your bloodline owes mine since the War in Heaven"

"I don't think that debt is valid any more"

"You think The Fall absolves you of your responsibility?"

"You'll have to do better than supposed blood debt to have me send my Kabal against the Necrons"

"You need a reason? Have you ever seen a Necron fight? They're almost impervious to all weaponry. You put them down and they get back up again and again. How much would the Wych Arenas pay for such gladiators?"

He let the thought sink in. She was right, they would make perfect combatants. He nodded sagely, "What's the plan?" She leaned across the table and handed him a data sheet with star charts and timings on. "Okay, we're in. You'll come with us; getting out of Commorragh won't be as easy as getting it" With that he pressed a button under the desk and the Incubi returned and escorted her out. She solemnly bowed to the Archon and left the room.

Once she was gone, a figure stepped out of the dark corner of the room, holding a black sceptre.

"Did I do well Lord Vect?"

Vect absent mindedly played with the sceptre, "Yes, you did very well"

"And you want us to go along with her plan?"

"Yes. There is a lot we can learn from these Necrons"

"One question my Lord, what is that?"

"This?" He waved the sceptre again and laughed, "Its is a Null Rod. It prevents our friend there from sensing me psychically"

And with that he was gone, leaving the Archon alone to make his battle plans...

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