Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Airbrushing - an introduction

So as Fudal predicted Santa Russ came to visit on Saturday night and brought me an airbrush.

I'd done a lot of research on them over the past couple of months and all people were telling me that I needed to spend 300 quid to get a decent set up however knowing me and my ability to drop a fad quickly I decided that I would go for something cheaper so if I enjoyed it I could eventually upgrade. I went to Arcane Scenery and model supplies for my airbrush set up and so far I am really happy with it.

There are some really great videos on youtube to help first time airbrush users but for cleaning tips this was the best one I found. Cleaning your airbrush is the key to keeping it going for a long time so it was one of the skills I wanted to get right to begin with.

I found that a lot of it no matter how good a video is trial and error, I needed lots of cleaner, lots of kitchen roll and plenty of cotton buds, I did take his advice and get some of the nylon brushes and the the thing I have found most tricky is cleaning during use for colour changes, do you really need to make it spotless or just spraying clear?

Later in the week I will post my first picture which is a drop pod I had lying around.


  1. great vid and good timing, since i got a very nice airbrush set for christmas!

  2. I'll be interested to see how you get on with it mate, especially if you manage to get down to any level of accuracy for camo patterns etc then I may be tempted to get one for myself!

    By the way, are you around for a Christmas game later in the week?



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