Thursday, 29 December 2011

How do you paint? - reader advice wanted

Since come back into the hobby I have never found a comfortable way of holding my models when painting them, I generally blue tac them on to the top of an old paint tub but this isn't the most secure of bases so I am looking for advice that over the next few months I could put into use?

Looking forward to seeing your replies


  1. I drill somewhere suitable (like the base of a foot) and pin the model to something larger thats easy to hold - like a champagne cork.

    It works for me and then after you can shorten the pin and use it to fix teh model to the base.

  2. I can't taker credit for this but I found this article to be a fantastic source of ideas. 

  3. I paint standing up and use this method to hold onto my models.

    How to hold onto your models

    I've found it to to be the best for me since the larger size helps with keeping my hand from getting cramped after painting for a few hours.


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