Friday, 10 February 2012

Rules - You may fire when ready

You have another target? A military target?

Long Fangs are brilliant. Their ability to fire at multiple targets makes them one of the best Heavy Support choices in the whole game. During a game the other week, Mick declared that two of his Long Fangs were targetting one of my Rhinos while the other two were targetting another squad. I asked him which two because I would get a cover save from two of the rocket toting guys but not from the other two. He said that it didn't matter because a majority of the squad (two Long Fangs & the Pack Leader) had an unobscruted view.

So, the question is this - when splitting fire do you treat the Long Fangs as two separate squads that just happen to be firing simultaneously or one squad firing at two targets?


  1. I guess by the wording of your question, I treat them as 2 squads firing simultaneously.  More specifically, I look at each individual model and the LOS from it.  I always state which models are firing at what, in order to avoid any kind of cover debate.

    I never really considered doing it the other way.

  2. In my opinion you have to say what fires at what because of cover. The rules say something about cover being determined from the models firing.

    Technically I think you can choose to only fire with certain models from any squad so that your opponent won't get a cover save.

    Doubt there's a hard and fast ruling but I've always done it your way and not Mick's with my long fangs.

  3. I agree with this. Everything in 40K is true line of sight, no getting around it, so you'd have to say which is gong where by model.


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