Saturday, 19 May 2012

Army List for Blog Wars III

A couple of days' ago I asked the readers which army I should take to Blog Wars III, and you answered 'Tyranids'. So that's what I'll be using. My full list is here:

HQ - Hive Tyrant - Paroxysm & Psychic Scream
 - Hive Commander
 - Heavy Venom Cannon - replaces 1 x set of scything talons
 - Wings (60)

ELITE - The Doom of Malan’tai - Mycetic Spore

ELITE - 2 x Zoanthrope - Mycetic Spore

ELITE  - 2 x Hive Guard

TROOPS - 1 x Tervigon - Catalyst
 - Toxin Sacs
 - Scything Talons

TROOPS - 11 x Termagants
TROOPS - 13 x Genestealers
TROOPS - 14 x Genestealers
HEAVY SUPPORT - 1 x Trygon - Adrenal Glands

HEAVY SUPPORT - 1 x Carnifex - Twin-linked Devourers w/Brain-Leech Worms
 - Heavy Venom Cannon
 - Frag Spines (5) - assault grenades
 - Mycetic Spore

The main theme of the army is to deny my opponents one or two turns of shooting, then to arrive en masse via deepstrike and reserve using the Hive Commander's +1 modifier. Once on the table, the ballistic units must take out enemy transports as quickly as possible, so that the Trygon, Genestealers (and even Termagants) can  get to feed on the fleshy goodness within. If I cannot crack the tanks open on my turn of arrival, my army is likely to take a pasting!

Luck plays a big factor in doing well with Tyranids, though with the advent of Grey Knights (and Blood Angels, to a lesser extent), the psychic abilities of the Tyranids are somewhat thwarted, which is why I've dropped a unit of Zoanthropes and exchanged them for a couple of Hive Guard. I prefer the Zoanthropes' strength ten Lance (who wouldn't?!) but with the Grey Knights' ability to prevent their weapons from working, the Hive Guard are a reliable and still-effective replacement, especially against Rhinos and Razorbacks.


  1. Nice list - so far 3 Nid players with 3 very different lists.

  2. The good thing about the non-marine codexes is that there usually are a number of different ways to build an army - Especially when no- one expects top-table performance from that codex!

  3. thats a very nice list... seems very small and compact. it be very interesting to see it work and how successful it is. look forward to seeing it there at blog wars 3



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