Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Victory for the Ellyrion Raiders

So as I posted On Tuesday I was playing my first game that evening, unfortunately because we are two fairly new players we had to spend a lot of time going back to the rule book so we completed the game over two evenings.

The game ended up in victory for me with a 3-0 win. My catchers ran in all three goals so I got a skill on one of them which was Dodge. I should have really had a fourth but failed my rolls twice to do it. I also managed to get a casualty.

One disappointment was a niggling injury to one player and another missing tomorrow nights game.

Looking forward to it. Definitely easier to score with the Elves which was the real problem I was having with the Orks. My catchers I have discovered are useless at catching, I had double 1's with them on three occasions.

So on to tomorrow, not sure of my opponent yet but looking forward to it

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