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Everything FAQ'd except for 1 thing - Brilliant job GW

All in all life seems pretty sweet and people seem happy with the new rule book.

I would say Space Wolves have been fortunate to come out of it so well, only thing that’s really got worse is a chaplain with his lack of AP3.

However we still have the question of Flak missiles,
The internet seems to be broken into two factions so let me explain both sides

The rule book entry for Missiles specifically says that missile launchers can have the option of an upgrade to flak missiles which have the sky flier rule while the stats at the back of the rule book give Missile Launchers 3 types of ammo, frag, krak and flak (Not all types of missiles have that).

The FAQ then says that if there are any differences between the Codex weapon and the main rule book that you should use the main rule book stats.

Some are taking this upon themselves to say that Missile Launchers have frak straight off some are saying we must wait for the new codex. Personally to begin with I was in the latter group, however the more I think about it and the lack of the entry for other variants of missile perhaps so.

So what do you think? Whose side are you on?


  1. From a purely logical standpoint I'd have to say I'd expect the new Flack missile to come as standard with a Missile Launcher, otherwise you have no AA ability at all on your codex.

    Did the FAQ not give missile launcher-armed units the ability to upgrade to Flack missiles? If not, then I'd say you get 'em as standard.

  2. I was in the latter camp but I'm now firmly convinced that Missile launchers have three types of ammo and no purchase of the flak ammo is required.

    If GW wanted to add Flak Missiles as additional equipment to be purchased they would have done so with one or more of the codexs.

    For me the weapon summary says it all and the paragraph in the FAQ reinforces this.  I know its a bit lame coming from a hardcore wolf player but I'd argue the case for other codex's too if need be.

    There are folk out there trying to claim the flak missile for their Cyclones and Typhoons which I think is nonsense and is clearly people trying to cash in on some confusion.

  3. The FAQ says use the rulebook.
    The rulebook says Missiles have 3 firing options.
    I'm not exactly sure where the confusion is coming from, honestly. I am not in favor of one over the other, but I don't see the issue.

    I believe Halbers are unusual weapons. So they're still I6 unless they 'look' like axes, swords, or staves - which is what the rulebook states in terms of determining what the weapon is. If it doesn't look like a sword, stave or axe, its an "unusual weapon".

    I expect updated FAQs soon :)

  4. I'm not seeing anything in the FAQs that state that missile launcher profiles in the Codex are replaced by the profile in the Rulebook.  Is the rule that the codex has precedence over the Rulebook in effect?

  5. Paragraph underneath the big black writing that says amendments.

  6. They also showcase a shellstorm cannon under Salvo, a weapon that doest exist in any codex yet.

    They also showcase a vulcan megabolter under the Bolter section and nothing in a codex can get that.

    So for me untill futher notice then flakk missiles is something they are showing off without giving it to anyone yet. It says the entry as well that it's something you can buy so no free missiles, at least yet.

  7. I'm in complete agreement. The weapon summary is very clear.

  8. Yes. The summery is clear that missile launchers are -capable- of shooting flakk missiles.

    The rulebook text is quite clear though:
    All missile launchers come with frag and krak missiles as standard, and some have the option to UPGRADE to include flakk missiles.

    The summery is just that, a summery without rule explanations. To say that the summery is the gospel rule is missing the mark and intent of it.

  9. We don't have anything in black and white that's certain. Until we do I don't see how your opponent can stop you doing it.

    Oh and to say they only missed one thing is very generous!!

    1. What is it that makes the summery a more compelling and convincing argument that they have flakk missilies as opposed to the rules regarding missile launchers that says they don't have flakk missiles?

  10. Er...I said that Long Fangs DO NOT get Flakk Missiles..

    1. I misunderstood your post then, apologies :)

      The question still stands for anyone else who is of the mindset that all missiles have flak despite the rules sayin otherwise.

  11. This feels like a stretch to me. Just my two cents, but there is no way in any book to purchase Flakk Missiles. It's just an addition to a weapon profile that's been replaced by the BRB.

    So why would anyone make the logical leap that this must therefore be for a future codex release? That just doesn't fit with logic.

    Granted, this is GW we're talking about, but yea. :)

    1. What makes you take your logical step and say they must allready be included in every codexs when the rule text on missile launchers in the BRB clearly states otherwise and it has not been mentioned in any faq at all.

      As to why it's in the rulebook and not used anywhere yet it might be because GW has seen the ease of having all rules refer to the BRB so we get less of the "codex thrumps rulebook" thus making it easier to adjust things.

  12.  Well the Rule Book Says
    "All missile launchers come with frag and krak missiles as standard, and
    some have the option to upgrade to include flakk missiles."

    So how in anyway does that indicate that flakk comes as standard?

    I'm in the camp that says if you where meant to have them then it would say in the FAQ, "Flakk ammo may be purchased or 10 points" or some thing to the effect


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