Saturday, 30 June 2012

6th Edition Rules!

For me, sixth edition is already a major success - page 405, line seven to be exact. It reveals that, far from being Nid-food, Squats are apparently alive and well and living happily ever after in the loving care of the Adeptus Terra. We are NOT Demiurg. All that remains is for a Codex to be released, and we'll all be very grateful. That is all. Oh, and the rest of the rulebook is pretty great too!


  1. That would be an army i would get excited about, bring back the squat trike is all i will say.

  2. I spent a fair bit of time writing my own Squat codex for 5th edition, here:

    I need to crack on with it again, and update what ive already done for

  3. Although they have stopped your Tyranid army with the 50% limit on Reserved :(

  4. It's not actually too bad, as units which must deepstrike - ie pods - don't count toward the 50% level, so I'd only have to start with 2-3 units on the board. Not the end of the world, especially if they're bug-spawning Tervigons and in-yer-face Geneatealer blobs!


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