Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nids and Squats go Hand in Hand to Blog Wars!

Having just read the Sons of Sanguinious' post, I felt duty-bound to report that two of the sons of Claws & Fists - myself and Andy (aka Fudal, for reasons still unknown to me!) are also en route to Mansfield for Blog Wars IV.

For those in the know, Blog Wars is a semi-competitive 40k tournament tun by Alex of the 'From the Fang' blog and features bloggers and friends-of-bloggers. This year the ante had been pushed to 1,850pts, with the usual caveat of at least one mandatory special character in attendance in each list.

Andy will be taking his suddenly-fashionable semi-Nidzilla Tyranids (some of you may know I ran Nids when they were, ahem, less than competitive - or possibly that was just my poor playing). Andy list comprises a couple of Tervigons, Raveners, tooled-up Carnifexes and plenty of Termagants.

This year I will be bringing my much-talked about Squat Guard for their first tournament outing. I am a bit nervous as I'm not sure how people will take to my rag-tag collection of converted and scratchbuilt tanks and airships, but here goes!

Mine is a fairly conventional ordnance list featuring Medusas, Colossus' and a Manticore backed up by two Vendettas (the airships), a big blob of infantry, some conscripts and a couple of units of Veterans in Chimeras. Of course, I will be bringing the Guardsmens' special character of choice Marbo to the party too.

So, stay tuned for news of our progress through the day...

Wish us luck!


  1. Team Claws & Fists walked away with no less than THREE - yep, count 'em, three - prizes at this year's Blig Wars. Stay tuned til tomorrow to find out what we won!


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