Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Call for Competition ... of sorts.

Chaos! You know it makes sense.

Well, this year looks like it might be more of a hobby focused year than a gaming one. I’m certainly planning to go to a few tournaments this year (BoTCh, Blog Wars, Open War, Throne of Skulls and probably a couple of others) but my usual Thursday night games seem to have dried up with my regular opponents disappearing, for very good reasons of their own I might say. Fortunately there are a couple of major hobby projects that have caught my eye which should fill the gap nicely.

Firstly I’m going to take part in the Age of Armies campaign being run by the 40KUK Podcast as you can see here. I’m still minded to go Khorne Marines/Daemons but given my magpie nature nothing is set in stone until the paint hits the model.

Secondly, I recently downloaded and digested the Age of the Emperor supplement published by the Tempus Fugitives crew and it’s got me feeling all unnecessary about Heresy Era stuff and as such I’m going to repaint my Marines as Imperial Fists and Blood Angels add some Mark III armour from Forgeworld into the mix. Those of you who have followed the blog for a while will know that my marines are predominantly Yellow anyway but I am planning to strip them in batches of 5 and start again from scratch. There are a couple of reasons for this, mostly because I want to ensure the consistency of the new scheme but also because I want to try a different technique for painting yellow which I think I can get to look cleaner and brighter than my current “dirty yellow” look.

Lastly, I won an Amazon Gift Voucher recently and decided to splurge it on an airbrush and compressor kit and there’s nothing like a new toy to get the hobby juices flowing. I am really itching to start using it to see what sort of difference it makes to my throughput and the results I can achieve both on large models and blocks of infantry. I’ve been spending the last few days trawling through YouTube and various forums looking for advice on how to both operate and maintain and airbrush and how to get the best results with it as part of various projects. I’ll definitely be blogging about my experiences so keep an eye out for that.

What all this means is that you should start to see a more regular flow of content on the Blog which Grazer has pretty much single-handedly been supporting over the last few months/half a year. Battle reports are likely to be few and far between, but will probably come all at once as I attend tournaments, and are likely to be focussed on what I learned from humiliating defeats (nothing different there then!). Hopefully the painting and modelling content should be coming thick and fast (well I expect I’ll manage one post a week at least), and the predominantly yellow pictures should be broken up with some red for the Blood Angles and more red from the Khornate Chaos project.

On a final note if anyone in the Nottingham area fancies a game at Warhammer World (or I can Stretch to Eye of the Storm in Mansfield) on a Thursday night please just drop me a line either as a reply to this post or email me at andylane78 at gmail dot com and we’ll sort something out.


  1. I'm always up for a game. Can't really this week but drop me an email and I'm sure we can figure something out.

  2. Hi Andy!

    If you fancy trying out my airbrush, give me a shout and we can arrange a time to meet up. I use standard Citadel paints watered down (roughly 10 parts paint to 3-4 parts water).

    As for games, I find weeknights a bit of a rush (that said, I'm playing Daryl at WHW on Thursday so I may see you there!). I just find that the game has to be played at too fast a pace (and I like to chat) which means I don't enjoy it as much as I should.

    I'm going to start playing more over the weekends - either Saturday or Sunday afternoons. I'm hoping the more relaxed pace will help me enjoy my games again. If you fancy a weekend game then let me know!

  3. I know I'm playing loads of Blood bowl at the moment but if you drop us a text or forum message I can always see what I have free as my BB games are starting to dry up.


  4. I dont't like you or 40k but if neither of those were true...and I didn't live down near Luton then I'd play with you...I'd play 40k with you too...

    Baron Out!

  5. Hi Andy,

    I'm generally up for a game at weekends too. As Grazer mentioned, Thursdays just don't leave enough time to game and chit chat.

    Also, the pre-heresy thing is something I'm definitely up for. I'm about to embark on a new project and will post something about it soon.


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