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Silver & Gold and Other Army Lists

The 40kUK Podcast are currently instigating a hobby event called “Age of Armies”, you can find out more about it here. But suffice to say it’s an army building challenge requiring you to build and paint a new army over the course of the year with a view to bringing it to a tournament at the end of the year, possibly the Autumn Throne of Skulls.

I’ve always wanted to do one of these events but they’ve always seemed to fall at times that weren’t convenient for one reason or another but this time, I’ve just finished my Tyranids, my Marines are just expanding into 6th edition and my Orks may never surface again ... so I quite fancy doing something new. The premise is that you acquire the equivalent of £50 worth of models for your army each month which is pretty achievable I think but what I really like about this is the intention for everyone involved to attend a tournament together at the end of the challenge. This sounds like a lot of fun.

The big question though, is what army should I do? I’ve been really tempted to do a Chaos Marines (Khorne) Primary with Ork Allies army because I have always loved the Chaos Marines from a fluff perspective and it would give my Orks a focus again. However I pretty much have all the Ork models I’d need painted up so that’s probably a no-go from the point of view of this challenge.

The list I’d considered at 1850pts was:

Chaos Marines (Primary)
Khorne Lord on Juggernaut
2x 8 Bezerkers in Rhinos
5x Spawn
2x Helldrakes
1x Maulerfiend

Orks (Secondary) 
Warboss in Mega Armour
4x Meganobs in Battle Waggon
20x Shoota Boys

The list scales down to 1500pts pretty well too, I’d lust need to drop the Mega Nobs to save nearly 300pts and then shuffle some bits around to get down to 1500.

The second list I considered was a highly elite mix of Draigo-Wing with BA Nipple-Wing, i.e. the list below:

Grey Knights (Primary)
10x Paladins – 4x Psycannon, 2x Daemon Hammer
1x Paladin
Dreadknight – Heavy Incinerator

Blood Angels (Secondary)
5x Sanguinary Guard – 1x Power Fist, 2x Plasma
Storm Raven

This comes in at 1795pts and contains 19 infantry models and a flyer! Somehow I really don’t see this standing up to the volume of fire army builds we are seeing at the moment despite all the 2+ saves. If we’re playing 1850pts then I could drop the Storm Raven and take another Sanguinary Guard Unit but if it’s 1500pts (typically the limit for Throne of Skulls) then I don’t think this list is viable in any shape or form. Even though it’s totally contrary to my play-style (you’d have to be super defensive to get anywhere with this list) I still quite like it, but I think it’s best suited for another time.

Then I went back to the Chaos Marines but looked at Slaanesh as my god of choice, inspired by the recent “The List” section on the 11th CompanyPodcast and perhaps have an Allied detachment of Slaanesh Daemons. After spending the weekend playing around with this I could not come up with anything I liked. Every time I got to the point’s limit I had a mid-table control, small-arms firepower list with a pretty redundant and sub-par counter attack unit which could be done far better by Grey Knights

All this navel gazing led me back to my first list but instead of the Ork allied unit (which I could still do because I have the models) I would go for a Khorne Daemon Ally or even a Necron Ally. Here are the two Ally ideas:

Khorne Daemons
16x Bloodletters
8x Fleshounds
1x Skull Cannon/Soul Grinder

Necrons (Drop a Helldrake)
Destroyer Lord w. MS Scarabs & Weave
10x Warriors w. Night Scythe
10x Warriors w. Night Scythe
6x Wraiths

I’ve got a little time before I have to commit for next month’s deadline so if you feel strongly about a build or think I’ve missed something please chip in a comment below.


  1. Citadel used to make great Khorne Ork Boys - I have one from the Olden Days. They look great in black, crimson and brass colours, offset by the green flesh of the Boy itself.

    Why not go for something completely left field? Something that takes you out of your comfort zone tactically and hobby-skills-wise? Have you ever thought about doing some large-scale converting/scratchbuilding? You could try out an Eldar Exodites army - counting Serpants, Falcons, Vipers etc as Exidite-ridden beasts?

    Or how about building a counts-as-IG Adeptus Mechanicus army? Loads of weird technology, cyborg infantry, and so on.

    Anyway, just something to consider!

  2. My thinking on this is around build diversity. Why I love my Marines so much is mostly down to the number of different builds I can use and the ease with which I can do it. I see the chaos Marine book in a similar light but the variety comes only in part with the Codex itself, the rest is from the Ally options it has.

    I had a think about Eldar a while ago and I even have some models waiting in the wings. At the moment the problem I have with them is that they are pretty much a mono-build (for my play-style) whether or not you include DE as a Primary or Allied Detachment. This turns me off to them right now but I look forward to seeing the new Codex.

  3. Eldar are a truly beautiful army, especially when airbrushed. With a book due (supposedly) this year, it might be worth waiting - or, building up a couple of must-have units like Guardians and Warlocks while you wait.

    How about flipping the question on it's head? What sort of army do you like playing? Close-combat? All shooty? Loads if Psykers? Tanks? Infantry? Elite or horde?

  4. Or, why not consider a pre-Heresy army? Daryl suggested a summer campaign using the Forge World book ' Betrayal'.


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