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Request for Players -' In the Veiled Region' Campaign Weekend

Over the Easter weekend (30-31 March) Animisity are running the 'In The Veiled Region' campaign. It's open to all players and races and comprises 6 games. Game 1 is a specially comped mission (1000pts, minimum 50% flyers / skimmers /jump infantry / winged), whilst the remaining 5 games are standard 2000pts missions - see full details, below. 

You can still grab your tickets here

You can ignore the imperial/Ork designations now as its open to all races and army lists.
Animosity - In the Veiled Region, March 30th and 31st

- Game 1 Blitzkrieg-

 The Blitzkrieg Mission is a mass participation game and a turn limit is in place, the game will last 8 turns. The force organisation chart below will detail the composition of the 1000 points for each race. Appropriate Codex's, FW Betrayal and Tempus Fugitives AotE Expansion + Mechanicum rules, 6th Edition 40k rules are in use during this game.

Blitzkrieg Force Organisation
1000 pts - A 50% Minimum of each force must be designated as a flyer, skimmer, jet bike, jump infantry, wings or jet pack infantry. This is a Minimum. If a player wishes he may field 1000 pts worth of units with these designations.

Imperial Forces
Any points not allocated towards the above selection system may be used to select Fast Attack and Elite options without limitation. HQ, Troop and Heavy options are limited to ONE per force org.

Non Imperial Forces
Any points not allocated towards the above selection system may be used to select Troop, Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support options without limitation. Non Imperial formations must include at least one fortification or emplacement. (Not for Tyranids)

During the Blitzkrieg mission, units designated within the Jump Infantry, Jet Pack Infantry category or with Wings (certain Primarchs maybe!!), may carry out a Vector Assault upon an opponent’s flyers or skimmers. If a player moves a unit over an opponent’s flyer or skimmer during the movement phase he may choose to carry out a Vector Assault. To complete a Vector Assault roll a D6 for each member of the attacking unit. On a 6 that warrior has managed to successfully cling to the enemy’s aircraft and may make D3+1 attacks upon the vehicle, or alternatively 1 grenade attack. Unlike the Vector Strike these attacks may be augmented by the individual’s weapon choices and assault bonuses. Assaulting a vehicle in such circumstances is not without its dangers. When rolling to complete the Vector Assault any unit member that rolls a 1 suffers a wound immediately with no saves allowed. Should this wound result in the hapless attackers death then the vehicle must take a dangerous terrain test. This represents the possibility of the failed attacker’s corpse being sucked into an engine intake or smashing through the cockpit at high velocity. Units who undertake a Vector Assault may not shoot in the shooting phase but may carry out an assault in their ensuing assault phase suffering a -1 attack penalty and a loss to any assault bonuses if they were used in the Vector Assault. In addition, members of the unit who successfully carried out a Vector Assault upon the opponent must be placed at the rear of the squad and may not be included in the assault this phase as their actions have left them too far behind their unit to assist. The defending flyer/skimmer unit may attempt to evade the Vector Assault. The Jink is carried out prior to the roll to determine the number of attacks the offensive player may take. A Vector Assault on a unit in Hover is successful on a 4+ as opposed to a 6.

-Games 2 to 6-

The force organisation chart in the Warhammer 40,000 rule book will detail the composition of the 2000 points for each race.  Appropriate Codex's, FW Betrayal and Tempus Fugitives AotE Expansion + Mechanicum Rules, 6th Edition 40k Rules are in use during these games. 

-Bar Room Brawl!- 

If we have time on the Saturday evening we will adjourn to the bar, using adapted rules from The Crusade of Fire expansion book we will hold a little arena tournament. The rules are, single miniatures (including upgrades - no unique named characters/vehicles) up to 150 points. Players may enter up to three different gladiators to enter the arena and from any race, not necessarily the ones they are representing over the weekends other games. Further rules will be explained in the bar! These will be adapted rules... not entirely CoF stuff. There will be a prize for the winner of the Brawl!

Points to note - Due to the revised nature of the weekends activities, if you can not field a Blitzkrieg force do not worry... there is flexibility in the weekends schedule of gaming and if you can not field Blitzkrieg force org then you will be able to play a further standard game in its place with somebody else!

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