Friday, 25 June 2010

In the heat of battle

While writing yesterday's battle I realised that we made a couple of elementary rules errors. It was nothing deliberate but they both went the way of the Space Wolves. At the bottom of turn two, 5 Grey Hunters got out of a Razorback shot another Razorback with a Meltagun and immobilised it. They then proceeded to attack in close combat and blew the Heavy Bolters off it. Obviously, you're not allowed to assault out of a moving Razorback. The Heavy Bolters could have shot up the Grey Hunters of tried to finish off the Long Fang pack so they could potentially have won another kill point. Also at the top of turn three the Squat heavy weapon platoon managed to immobilise the Land Speeder. Since it had travelled flat out in it's previous movement phase it should have been wrecked. This would have been another kill point won plus the Speeder could not have taken out the Razorback later in the game.

It annoys me making such basic mistakes even though they wouldn't have made much of a difference in this battle. The thing is in a closer game, they could have made all the difference. It would be easy enough to blame off table distractions (ie my girlfriend turning up at that time) but this is why it's important that every player is not only up to speed on the rules but also paying attention. Imagine, if that had happened to you at a tournament, you'd lost the game and only realised when you got home. How gutted would you be? So, stay vigilant people (especially me!)

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  1. I think it's one of those things which is different about playing for fun and playing in a tournament. Your focus is different in the two different situations, there are fewer distractions in a tournament setting so you are less likely to miss things like that and if you do miss it there's a chance your opponent won't. However even if I did miss something like that in a tourny, that's just part of playing the game and as such it's pretty easy to accept for a solid mid-tabler like myself. I might feel differently if I was challenging for first place finish though.



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