Thursday, 3 June 2010


I've been working on an Ork list for a little while now and I think I've come up with a list I'm happy with. After pretty much constantly saying how much I'm against Nob Bikers ... this list includes a big fat Nob Biker squad (I feel deep shame) but I'm thinking about taking this list to tournaments in the latter half of the year and I want it to be fairly competitive and frankly I can't be bothered to paint up 30ish Stormboyz instead:

Big Meks with Kustom Force Fields (2)

These guys are surely a must-have in almost all Ork army builds, that cover save is going to mean that a good portion of your force is going to make it to where it wants to go to ... in your face! They's be riding in the two Battle Wagons making them almost as much of a threat as the Nob Bikers ...

Nob Bikers (6 + a Painboy: Waaagh Banner, 2 Power Claws and other bits )

OK, I'm feeling a bit bad about this but they're going to be zooming in on their own ahead of the rest of the army and they need to hold their own without support. I was going to use a regular squad of Bikers but frankly they die too easy, break and run off the board (in my limited experience at least). With any luck these guys will get straight in and tie up a unit or two that would give the rest of the army behind trouble getting to their targets

Many Boyz (2 Squads of 30 Shoota Boys each with a PK Nob and 2 Squads of 19 SluggacBoys each with a PK Nob)

Pretty basic here, the 30 man Shoota Squads are foot slogging across the board and the 19 man Sluggas are in the Battle Wagons with the Big Meks. These lads are going straight up the middle, the Shootas will be flanked by the Sluggas with the Meks in the Wagons giving everything a cover save. The Shootas will also be screened by 3 Killa Kans who should be in range of the KFF too.

Heavy Support
Killa Kans (3 with Grotzookas)

This is probably the one squad I'm a little dubious about but I love the models so they're staying in the list no matter what!

Battle Wagons (2 with Deff Rollas)
Transport for my two Slugga Boys Squads and he Big Meks. They roll up on the flanks of the big block of Boyz in the centre providing cover and, frankly a big fat threat with their Deff Rollas and the 19 Slugga Boyz in each one.

Well, that's the list, It's mostly built, I just need a couple of Battle Wagons to finish it off and about a ton of green paint

Sadly there is no place for my Warboss despite the rather fab paint job, if I do say so myself!

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  1. Ah Killa Kanz; stone cold Ork killers down to the very last Grot.

    Since I'm slightly obsessed with target priority at the moment I find myself thinking, "what should I shoot first?" Hmm, it's got to be the Nob Bikers - good charge range and hit pretty hard once they get into combat, we need to see the back of them. Since S8/9 will insta-kill them, they get a Long Fang squad assigned to them. Then we have the two Battlewagons that we need to take care of. Now here's the problem since these need a lot of fire to get through AV14 and that 4++ save from the Big Mek. In my mind I'd be tempted to focus on one until it was at least immobilised and let the other one come to me a bit so that I could try and get some side shots.

    Wow, TheoryHammer is fun!

    I do worry that the Bikes and the Battlewagons are going to attact a full 1-2 turns of fire and you're going to need a bit of luck with cover saves for them to survive. However, if you do get that bit of luck you should be able to pull off some multi-assualts with the Slugga Boyz and that could be enough to hold the enemy in place while the rest of your Boyz pile in.



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